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Michele Sayres



PO Box 1209
Millbrook, NY 12545
United States
T: 845.677.6460
F: 845-677-6461


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M.Sayres Design


Passionate about connecting person to place, Michele's aesthetic approach to Feng Shui takes the mystery out and puts Interior Design in, resulting in a well designed environment which looks AND feels great.

Profile and Credentials        

She brings a well rounded and honest approach to creating the ideal environment for each client, often with the use of the client's existing furnishings. Her Design and Feng Shui experience includes residential, commercial, and office environments at any stage of development, from conceptual to existing bricks-and-mortar, large and small projects. Her 5+ years of real estate sales experience give her a unique edge toward preparing homes for sale (staging combined with Feng Shui) to maximize profits and minimize time on the market. She's been a guest lecturer at Taliesin West, and is available to lecture.

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