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Marlana Lytehaause



Portland, OR United States
T: 503-636-1671






EXPERIENCE THE ART OF LETTING GO AND THE JOY OF BREAKING THROUGH! As a former mental health therapist turned Spiritual Healing Facilitator, I'm here to tell you this is real. I work, over the phone, directly with the energetic aspects of your DNA for quick, lasting changes in your whole being. Clear away genetic and even past life issues easily. Clear karmic cords, soul contracts, vows of poverty and more.

Profile and Credentials        

Hello, I'm Marlana and this is my Guide Dog, Jupiter, yes I am legally blind. I've had what most people would consider a hard life... I know how to navigate the darkness and come fully into the Light... I know how to empower you to find your soul's purpose and joy. As for my formal education; I have a Masters in Social Work and am a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. I had a private practice as a mental health therapist for about ten years. Several years ago I added various types of energy work to my foundation which includes finding and clearing unconscious beliefs at the cellular level, past life integrations, creating Energy Beacons of Attraction and so much more. I call myself a Spiritual Healing Facilitator with a strong mental health background. I am just as confortable in the Angelic realms as I am on the earth, possibly more at ease in other dimensions, now that I think about it. I work almost exclusivly over the phone and the internet. I believe that since I work with the energetic fields, the geographical location of our physical bodies makes little difference. Let's work together to find your greatest potential.

Philosophy and Comments        

We are evolving and raising our vibrations on many levels. I experience the world as an exciting and wonderful place to be right here... and right now.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

By appointment only. My minimum is $120.00 per hour, with my Value set at $240.00 an hour. I believe it's important to state the value as a guideline while accepting less than that down to the minimum with no judgments whatsoever.





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