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Peggie O'Dea Massage Therapy

Peggie O'Dea


305 Cedar Lane
Annapolis, MD 21403
United States
T: 443-994-6482

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Massage Therapy for relief of chronic muscular pain and pain due to overuse/underuse of muscles, improves circulatory, lymph, and nervous systems, often speeding healing. Adjusts stress response in a healthy way. Generates endorphins to help us feel better physically and mentally.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a licensed and certified Massage Therapist, member AMTA, and NCBTMB, performing Swedish Relaxation and deep tissue massage, reflexology, and myofascial release. I also engage in pre-natal and peri-natal massage, as well as work with the aging population.

Philosophy and Comments        

Understanding our true potential as creators of our own lives, I have studied many years with Kathy Oddenino, RN, Institute of Metaphysical Studies, Pittsboro, NC.

I have also studied under the leadership of Jackie Woods of the Adawehi Institute in North Carolina. We are, as human beings, learning to come into our own and in training to create the lives that we want. Learning from the inside out is a very different perspective, but warrants much attention, dedication, and action in creating the lives that we truly want. That is what these two wonderful teachers have passed on to me, and that is my focal point every day.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday through Friday, two Saturdays per month, 9AM until 7 PM.

$80 per session for one hour of massage therapy; $120 for one and one half hours. Gift certificates are available for all occasions, and I offer specials from time to time.





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