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QUANTUM-VERITAS International University Systems

Cherrie DeWonder


8306 Wilshire Blvd. #728
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
United States
T: (310) 218-0414
F: (323)732-8937

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MISSION STATEMENT:Our mission is to reestablish an awareness of, accurate understanding of, integration of, respect for, and practical application of the indispensable universal laws governing Life, Health and Healing. QVIUS trains students in the science and philosophy of those healing arts whose governing principles reconize and respect the indispensable Universal Law. These laws are believed to be those that govern the universe, and are the same laws that govern most of the Natural Medical Healing Arts and Modalities. Observation of an immaterial essence expressed through matter is what distinguishes “Functional Vitalistic” thinker from the Traditional/Reductionistic thinker (those that base their reality only on things that can be perceived and experienced by their material/physical senses).

Profile and Credentials        

The fundamental mission of the University of Pasadena was to be a functional vitalistic center for higher learning. The University initially intended to have a number of colleges teaching an array of subjects from a functional vitalistic standpoint, producing students who were well grounded in the functional vitalistic philosophy of Life, Health and Healing.

The school of Chiropractic became the only functioning program and as no other schools and programs were opened the name of the institution was changed to the Pasadena College of Chiropractic in September 1977. In 1989, the school moved from Pasadena, CA. to Pico Rivera, CA. and the Board of Trustees of the school voted to change the school’s name from Pasadena College of Chiropractic to the Southern California College of Chiropractic.

In November 1994, Dr. Edwin C. Floyd, a graduate of the initial University of Pasadena and founding President of the International College of Homeopathy was named President of Southern California College of Chiropractic. Dr. Floyd returned to his alma mater with a plan to reintroduce the university system that was the initial mission of the school. Dr. Floyd changed the name of the Southern California College of Chiropractic to Quantum University and began reforming the school of chiropractic into a university system anchored in the academia of Functional Vitalistic Medicine and Natural Medical Science.

In April of 1996, Quantum University graduated its last few remaining chiropractic students and ceased operation of the school of chiropractic, bringing to an end of over 25 years of producing well trained doctors of Chiropractic grounded in the concepts of Functional Vitalistic Natural Medicine. The university continuing in the spirit of training functional physicians while again becoming a university system incorporated the International College of Homeopathy into its system and continued teaching Classical Homeopathy to health care professionals throughout the United States.

Dr. Prescott developed a program for Postgraduate Natural Studies and Functional Medicine. The purpose of this program was to train doctors in those healing techniques and modalities that are not being taught in the current healthcare schools and colleges. Dr. Prescott requested that his school, be incorporated into the Quantum University system.

On September 8, 1998 fiduciary oversight of Quantum University, the International College of Homeopathy, and the new Veritas International University came under one Board of Trustees. The merging of the these three institutions created what is now QUANTUM-VERITAS International University Systems, which has come to be known and referred to as QVIUS.

At the conclusion of the September 8, 1998, meeting, Dr. Floyd was appointed President of QVIUS and given charge of continuing the mission of creating a functional center for higher learning initially started by the University of Pasadena.

Philosophy and Comments        

The functional way of thinking is based on the unobservable forces of the universe.

It is believed that this "ineffable" aura of organized intelligence is not seen, heard, touched, tasted, nor smelled, but is perceived by the Functional Physician as the animating power of all living creatures,and all physical things

within which we live, move and have our "being".

Edwin C. Floyd, M.S., D.C.,D.N.M.


Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Class Hours, Scheduals and Tuition, please visit our website @ www.qvius.edu.

For further information please feel free to email us @ registrar@qvius.edu



Reportedly an excess of 80% of the American health care consumers are utilizing some form of alternative health care products and /or services. However, less than 10% of the nation’s health care professional no anything about the concepts of alternative medicine or natural healing. This is producing what could become a major hazard to the status of health of Americans at large. As the Baby Boomers continue to age it is predicted that their demands for natural alternative health care will continue to increase. I a few short years upwards to 100% of the American health care community will be utilizing some form of alternative natural product and/or service to address their health care needs. If there is not an ample number of health care professionals adequately trained to address the growing demands for natural alternative health care, these “Boomers”, a major aging component of our population with disposable and discretionary resources will go to whomever may appear capable of providing the services they desire. This can lead to an alarming number of Americans being treated by a less than adequately trained lay community of practitioners who may not have the skills to competently assess the health status of this growing community. This puts at risk, the health of the individual, their immediate environment and the community at large. Our plan is to develop an academic institution the will produce both professional and paraprofessionals who are well trained in the health sciences, possessing medical skills, and a comprehensive knowledge and appreciation for the healing arts.


QVIUS currently operates three campuses within the United States. The main campus in located in Los Angeles, CA, Cherrie DeWonder Director of Admissions, Information and Records, phone number: 310 218-0414, the northwest campus located in Nampa, ID, just west of Boise, regional coordinator, Kathy Green, phone number: 208 859-5252. The southeast campus located in Miami, FL. regional coordinator, Amalia Lacayo, phone number: 305 299-5576. Classes and seminars are offered in various cities throughout the United States.




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