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Dana Peacher



150 Sherry Dr.
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
United States
T: 904-372-0116


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Strollerjize Yoga


Prenatal Yogilates classes are a combo of Yoga postures and Pilates exercises. Yoga Childbirth Classes and Prenatal Partner Yoga workshop. Pre/postnatal aerobics a outdoor fitness class safe for all nine months and for those returning to class 4-12 weeks after delivery older children in strollers are welcome to attend. Baby Yoga & massage Class,Postnatal Yogilates for Mom and child to enjoy bonding time through fitness. Outdoor Postnatal Stroller Fitness Classes.

Profile and Credentials        

Certifications; Prenatal/postnatal yoga, aerobic Fitness,Child Birth Educator,Personal Trainer,Pilates instructor, Strollerjize Owner and 8 years personal yoga practice and 4 years as a preschool teacher.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe if we start our children out healthy we give them a better quality of life. Everyone young and old can benifit from a yoga practice.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday: 10 am-11:30am Stroller Fitness Tuesday: 6:15-7:15pm Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Wednesday: 10-10:45am Baby Yoga and Massage Class wednesday: 11am-12pm So Big Yoga Class Thursday: 11am-12pm Stroll Pre/Postnatal Aerobics Saturday: 10-11am Mom & Baby Yogilates Saturday: 11am-12pm Tone to Deliver Yoga childBirth education Saturday: 12-1pm Prenatal yogilates First Saturday: 1-2:30 Couples for Pregnancy Workshop Third Saturday: 1-1:30 Sibling & Baby yoga Workshiop Class Rates: New Member special Try 3 classes for $24 6 classes $75; 12 classes $125; 20 Classes $120; unlimited month of classes $75; Tone to Deliver Yoga Birth Workshop 6 sessions $125 Couples Workshop $20 Sibling & Baby Yoga Workshop $10 Check website for location for all classes in Atlantic Beach

Prenatal Yogilates,Yoga and ChildBirth        

Prenatal Yogilates Class: A 45 minute class of Prenatal Yoga postures that prepare your body for labor, Prenatal Pilates exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation, safe for all nine months,taught by a certified Prenatal Yoga instructor

Prenatal Yoga: This class is 60 minutes of prental yoga postures that help ease the discomforts of pregnancy, labor and birth, breathing exercises and relaxation.
Tone to Deliver Yoga Childbirth Education learn breathing, birthing positions, uses of birthing ball and pain managment.

Couples for Pregnancy Workshop/ So Big Class        

Couples learn Prental partner Yoga poses, maternity massage and supported birthing positions. So Big Yoga is for crawling children up to age 4. Fun Yoga poses done at a fast pace. Parent must attend, mat needed.

Stroller Fitness Class/Prenatal & Postnatal Aerobic Stroll        

An 90 minute outdoor fitness class for new mothers with baby using the stroller for aerobic exercise, 30 minutes aerobics along the beach and 30 minutes of upper/lower body conditioning exercises at the park, 30 minutes Core exercises. Bring a Mat
Prenatal Clients are welcome to attend without or with stroller for the Aerobic Stroll class that is 30 minutes of walking aerobic exercises and upper and lower body conditioning exercises.

Baby Yoga and Massage/Sibling & Baby yoga        

Baby Yoga & Massage:This class teaches mom yoga poses for baby and massage to help your baby sleep better, stretch, tone, build motor skills and help with digestion. Sibling & Baby Yoga: Sibling learns to put baby into yoga postures for safe play time. Parent must attend.

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