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Barbara Walbridge



PO Box 680401
Charlotte, NC 28216
United States
T: 704-391-0981


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Barbara A Walbridge, LMT, RM, KMH


I am a teacher of consicous living concepts. This will include energy and how you can make it work for you, how to use ancient energy focuses for your healing, how your breath can release tension, headaches, stress and tiredness. Classes on how to empower yourself through emboding archetypes and how keeping certain items around you will help you to heal or create what you desire in your life. After many years of working with healing energies I have become a certified facilitator/teacher in many energy fields. Learned to combine these fields to bring about the highest level of healing possible. I believe in self empowering a student, thereby freeing them to be able to heal themselves in the time span chosen by them. I am a Reiki Master Teacher that ran healing clinics in Florida, a Nationally Licensed Massage therapist, a Certified Hypnotherapist,a Qigong Master, a Kamadon Healing Master using holographic healing techniques and an I Am Master Certified Facilator. I also do classes with Breath work, Goddess Empowerment and sell energized candles, crystals and cards. I teach classes, holds clinics and also do vibrational healing for common diseases.

Profile and Credentials        

Nationally Certified and licensed Massage Therapist Certified Hypnotherapist Reiki Master Teacher Qigong Master Kamadon Healing Master I AM Mastery certified facilitator Melchizedek Method

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe in empowering a student to allow them to be independent. Teaching them to go within to acquire their own personal path. Following this path will carry them directly to that which is in divine order for them.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

A NEW WEBSITE COMING - PLEASE CHECK BACK SOON See my website listed above for the latest classes available. If you would like to sponsor a class in your area and receive a scholarship or partial fee paid, email your request.





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