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Christine Jefferson



Loretto, Ontario L0G 1L0
T: 905 729 4824


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Christine Jefferson


Powerful private healing sessions, readings, and workshops to assist individuals with physical trauma, emotional grief, mental stress, and personal Soul evolution by utilizing Transformational Reiki, Etheric Surgery, Psychic Chanelling, Intuitive Empathy, Animal Communication, Akashic Records.

Profile and Credentials        

Guardian of the Akashic Records, Reiki Master/Teacher, Instructor in Animal Communication, Registered Etheric Health Practitioner, Author, Akashic Records Consultant, Abundance and Life Coach, ProJoba Intl., TTI - Team Developer, Emerald Passport Intl. Rep. Regular newsletters available through Reiki Healing website. Copies of pre-published manuscript "TAG - You're It! - The Game of Enlightenment Simplified" available through www.reikihealing.on.ca

Philosophy and Comments        

Chris believes in the power of the Broader Perspective, Personal Insight, and Holistic Living. There are no limits to what we can accomplish together. We never get it wrong, because we never get it done. We are eternal beings. As a Guardian of the Mysteries, it is my Purpose to serve humanity particularly in the capacity of grounding Higher Spiritual energies by living my life in an ordinary and simple way.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flexible work hours, days, eves, some weekends. Classes/workshops are scheduled quarterly upon demand. Will travel to your city to offer group workshops and private sessions. For specific pricing of readings and meditation tapes, please see www.reikihealing.on.ca

Abundance Coach        

Whether you are interested in developing a full or part-time business through networking locally or through internet technology, Chris assists in literally grounding abundance for her associates by providing several very lucrative real life opportunities supported by coaching sessions and teamwork development. To be in alignment with the New World energies, we must choose abundance and prosperity for ourselves and by assisting others in this endeavor, we guarantee our own success. Financial freedom has moved from being a dream into becoming a reality for everyone. Attracting new team members world wide. www.prosperity-for-you.com or www.ttico.com

Akashic Records Consultations        

The Akashic Records contain the past and present knowledge, experiences, and expressions of the Soul's journey from it's inception forward, as well as the possibilities of it's future unfoldment. The perceptions, insights, and guidance you receive from this experience will be useful in resolving current life challenges. It will bring your attention and energy into the present moment, allowing you to focus your understanding toward fulfilling your life purpose. By phone or in person & recorded. See www.reikihealing.on.ca for details.

Guided Visual Meditations        

Recorded personalized meditation tapes (or cd's) for individuals seeking transformational opportunities or Soul development. Each recording includes brief readings on existing energetic conditions then leads the listener into a journey of Self discovery, deep healing, or solar expansion. 20 to 30 minutes in length Refer to www.reikihealing.on.ca for details.

Support Your Healing Practice        

ProJoba International is based in California, USA (a division of Pfizer Intl) They provide outstanding flower pollen based nutritional products, essential oil based Spa items, a very powerful appetite suppressant for weight management, and more. This business is internet based and can benefit any holistic practice. Attracting new distributors for North America. www.reiki01.myprojoba.net

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