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Souleye is a positive and energetic lyricist with poetic phrasing and flowing styles. He was given the name Souleye on a vision quest at the age of 21. Born in Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts to a Native American Father and an Italian Mother, he grew up listening to hip hop and was influenced early on by rappers such as Talib Kweli and Tupac. By the age of 14, he was rapping, freestyling, and writing his own songs. By the age of 20, he was making his own beats, performing and producing his own music. His musical style can best be described as eclectic, experimental hip hop with a spiritual focus. His beats weave together an intricate mix of deep bass and beautiful rhythms that include anything from jazz riffs to chanting Tibetan monks. His innovative rhyme schemes incorporate heart-felt messages about higher consciousness, soul searching, positivity, self-acceptance, socio-political commentary, and transcendental meditation. To date, his biggest inspirations are God, birds, family and friends, and everyday life. His unique lyrical approach and ingenious freestyle skills allow him to share insightful positive messages that are both motivational and mind opening. Souleye has performed at: The Palladium, Worchester, Massachusetts The Iron Horse, North Hampton, Massachusetts Pearl Street, North Hampton, Massachusetts The Middle East, Boston, Massachusetts Western New England College, Springfield, Massachusetts The Red Herring, Williamstown, Massachusetts Americas, West Palm Beach, Florida Elite, West Palm Beach, Florida The Bamboo Room, Asheville, North Carolina Tribes Club, Asheville, North Carolina Dartmouth College, North Hampton And numerous other venues and events.

Profile and Credentials        

To Listen to Souleye click on JUKEBOX ..... UniverSoul Alchemy is able to be purchased email: SouleyeSounds@yahoo.com The album Art work is all original amazing work by Niz to view some of her other art work check out www.Nizgraphics.com

Philosophy and Comments        

Souleye Lost his bestfriend Zach Adams who was 22 too Cancer and his brother Richard Treadway who was 25 to Suicide. Souleyes main philosophy is to forgive those who have hurt you to learn how to make the best out of what you have espically the little things, And to follow your passion with Love for the Most High, Have Fun and Relax a little,,,

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"To Listen to Souleye click on JUKEBOX Underneath the pic at the top of page" Any time email questions or booking too souleyesounds@yahoo.com Call 1-561-251-0162

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Check out Souleye Show Dates and tons of Lyrics at the new website www.SouleyeSounds.com Peace




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