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theCare Centre

Wen Chen


518-510 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B IL8
T: 604 518 6455

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theCare is a Wellness Center with 3 clinics located in Vancouver BC,Canada. We offer holistic practice of acupuncture,acupressure,Tui Na,Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Qigong. Our renowned patented herbs line- Dr.Herbs is the first Yoga Herbs of TCM supplied across Canada & UK. Our continuing education workshop teaches Tui Na, Pediatric Tui Na and Chinese Spirituality.

Tai Chi Qigong & meditation workshop with traditional training style.

The art of balance, Tai Chi offers its practitioners a wealth of health benefits for hundreds years. The precise, non-break slow movements of Tai Chi enhance balance and posture, as well as adding to an overall bodily awareness and greater fitness. Unlike the other types of combative Chinese Kung-Fu, Tai chi is considered an elegant martial art with its core principle following traditional Chinese philosophy. An art to practice the Tao of Yin and Yang, Tai Chi means an approach to harmonize the body, mind and spirit to their primary balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine principles are followed to make the practice a gate way to your better health.

Tai Chi Qigong is the most important fundamental practice in traditional Tai Chi, which enhance the energy performance. In the past, only selected students have the chance to learn it. More internal visualizations are integrated to assist learners understand Tai Chi principles.

Profile and Credentials        

Dr.Chen has over 20 years experience in Chinese Medicine, Tui Na and Tai Chi.

Educated in Chinese TCM college and worked as a MD at TCM hospital,Dr.Chen specialized in acupuncture and Tui Na therapy for the treatment for spinal disorder, stroke,pediatrics and PMS. Dr.Chen is a registered member of China Acupuncture Association, GCTCM.UK,and CTCMA.Canada.

During over 8 years oversea practice and teaching, Dr.Chen founded the first Chinese herbs line - Dr.Herbs to help common symptoms in the West. He introduced the traditional teaching of Taichi Qigong and Taoist Tui Na, especially the Pediatric Tui Na which is a good option for kids wellness. More details please be found on our website: www.thecare.ca



Philosophy and Comments        

Introducing effective health solution is our philosophy. Not only we provide expertized therapy like acupuncture, Tui Na, Chinese medicine, we also train people to learn those valuable practice to help their wellness. Preventative medicine makes Traditional Chinese Medicine different. We set up the first Tai Chi Meetup in Canada and the first Tui Na course for original Pediatrics Tui Na in North America.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our clinic open from Monday to Weekend. We offer longer hour service for city workers.

Please find our Fee Schedule at our website: www.thecare.ca

The Tai Chi Qigong Meetup is open every Monday 1-2pm at our West Vancouver location. We will add evening session at our downtown Vancouver location in Oct.2008.

Tuinacourse.com is open weekend course now for Traditional Tui Na(60 hours) and Pediatric Tui Na (20 hours). Please find the details on www.tuinacourse.com

Yoga Herbs and Private label        

We deliver professional Traditional Chinese Medicine yogi herbal tea to help your wellness.TCM Herbal tea for wellness, longevity

During the history many valuable experiences on health and wellness have been collected, kept and transferred to us, although most of those valuable knowledge vanished in history and hard to recover. While in China, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been well documented over thousands years practice and study, with tons of records and books complied in specific libraries. Recent study of the imperial medical service of last Qing Dynasty opens the door of Forbidden City and enable us to discover the legendary secret of the unknown superior practice. We could enjoy the same imperial healthcare today.

Thanks for the open teaching of the Tibetan Medicine by masters from Buddhist temples and Taoist yogis, we could apply an even better holistic way to good health. With decades of clinical practice in Chinese TCM hospitals and over 8 years development in Europe and Canada, we present here six of those patented herbs formulated to help modern people to maintain a better balance of body and mind.

We distribute the Dr.Herbs product with our professional design to fit your clinic practice.

You may choose to own your private brand and labeling for your custom bottle.

We can transform your own formulas into a professional line under your name.

We provide seminar and training for Dr.Herbs product.

Our goal is to transform the valuable knowledge of Oriental Medicine into modern world easily.

Tuinacourse.com Tao of Tui Na        

We offer intensive Tuina course as certified continue education for professionals and practical workshop for all levels who interested in wellness.

The intensive Tuina course is aim to help professionals with basic knowledge of bodywork, massage or TCM to learn the clinical application of Tuina therapy. As a course to match individual demand of learning, the content and length will be designed upon interview. Instructed by Master of Tuina, the course will integrate abundant 20 years clinical experience with profound knowledge of Tuina.

Length of study:

Professional program: 6 months to 1 year part time depend on the selection of content

Express program: Weekend intensive course (60 hours)

Entry requirements: Basic knowledge of body work, massage or TCM.

Quality assurance: CHINA ACUPUNCTURE & TUINA ASSOCIATION Qualifications, CTCMA, BC Continue Education

Chinese TCM hospital formular for PMS, Menopause        

In TCM, menopause has long been treated with the use of natural herbal medicine. The approach from TCM is to not only treat the symptoms, but also by the “root” of the concern, specifically re-aligned the internal balance of the body. The principle here is to correct any imbalance from the Yin side to rebuild the harmony.

Ultrasound Therapy Equipment for Heart& Liver Health        

We provide the latest ultrasound technology into our practice and supply to all wellness practice that welcome high tech for health.

Our Meditech department introduces the mobile ultrasound equipment for Heart & Liver health.

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