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Micheley Angelina



20 Butlertown Rd
Waterford, CT 06385
United States
T: 860-701-1527


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Transformational Institute & Spa


Phychological Counseling:Eriksonian Counseling and Hypnotherapy, Gestalt, Dream Analysis, Behavior Modification, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Engram Imaging Program, Dr.Grave’s Trauma Abuse Counseling, Relationship and Family Counseling and Reconciliation, Inner Child Healing, Critical Traumatic Incident Stress Resolution Release and Counseling.Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Psychic Intuitive Counsel, Channeling, Soul Card Reading, Native American Shamanic Practices, Soul Rescues and Retrievals, House Clearing and Blessing, Feng Shui Counsultation, Astrology, and Spiritual Counseling for all faiths.Smoke Therapy, Weight Therapy or Past Life Regressions, Acupressure, Polarity, Deep Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Shiatzu, Zen Shiatzu, Barefoot Shiatzu, Chinese Organ Tuina, Austrian Lymphatic Drainage, Hawiian (Deep Skeletal) Kahuna, Foot Reflexology and Applied Kineseology. Reiki Master Treatments, Aromatherapy, Jin Shin Do, Crystal Energy Healing, Soul Tehmeur Repair, Spiritual House Alignment, Cellular Memory Bank Clearing and Chakra Balancing

Profile and Credentials        

Rev. Micheléy Angelina, CHT, CAMT, BS Psychology, HPHD Humanities. Micheley founded the Institute in January of 1987 and for the past 16 years has traveled extensively to teachers who have formed her to be able to work in a broad spectrum of modalities. As an interfaith minister certified in 40 different holistic health modalities she has traveled the lecture circuit internationally with her healing workshops. She is also a singer, musician, composer, dancer, mime, visual artist, a published writer and awarded poet. She brings her creative arts into her therapies, workshops and classes.

Philosophy and Comments        

At the Transformational Institute and Spa, devotion to the process of your personal transformation; body, mind and spirit is the priority. Your individualized healing regimen is understood from a holistic point of view combining the spiritual and emotional with the mental and physical. You can customize your time spent with us using any combination of treatments to suit your needs. We use formulas of the purest natural ingredients and draw from ancient wisdom as well as contemporary modalities for health, beauty and healing. We believe that all our work to transform and heal our clients serves a higher universal good. Come to awaken your soul, relax your physical body, realign your subtle energetic and soul bodies and make the mental realizations necessary to change during all the seasons of your life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

By appointment except Sunday. $60 - $100 per hour Travel $15 per hour additional to your location





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