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Georgina Johnson



Moshav Ofer, Nr. Zichron Yaacov
Hof ha Carmel, SAS 30835
T: 050 6769464
F: 972 4 9541953


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Georgina Johnson


Holistic therapy integrating guided visualizations and healing with the human energy field. Also Hypnotherapy recordings and guided journeys to empower processes of inner growth. Therapy. Meditation and world music. The healing sounds of Veratherapy.
Clients and site visitors can order from the cataglogue or have a CD specially made for them, perfectly tailored to their needs and using their name. This is an exclusive service world-wide!

Profile and Credentials        

With a BA and MA from Oxford University and a Post-graduate diploma in broadcasting, Georgina Johnson combines a decade of training in energy healing and hypnotherapy with an inborn sensitivity to the healing power of sound to really help others and advance the global evolution of consciousness and inner understanding.

Philosophy and Comments        

Each soul heals itself. We are our own greatest authority, and ultimately the only authority. We are innately composed of innocence and purity. Vibration is a creator of change and movement - whether in color, sound or touch.
Hypnosis is not about sleep but accessing deep meditative states with the help of a guide. Such states bring the deepest experience of freedom, joy and ecstasy. Life is a process of unravelling the truth of your own experience and NOW is the time to be free.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

International workshops negotiated. Sessions in Israel, 300 NIS for 11/2 hour session. Customized CDs, following interviews, $29 each.

Experience Unconditional Love        

This unique Veratherapy CD will guide you into just the right state to begin to experience unconditional love - at first for yourself and outwards.

Deeply Relax Now        

This is a 10 minute relaxation session for use in the middle of your work day or while sitting in front of your PC! Try it to get a sense of the power of Veratherapy products!

Stop Smoking Forever        

You can be free of the burden of smoking forever. This CD stays with you - generating the resources you need to be free of the trance that ever caused you to smoke in the first place... without gaining weight, without cravings, simply and easily, beyond all your expectations.

Instant Empowerment        

Try this short induction - it will give you the profound tool of "anchoring" which will empower you in all situations that threaten you. If you like it, go to the Veratherapy home page and you can download it for free. This is a great first step in work with Veratherapy!

Be sure to have three or more experiences ready on a piece of paper where you felt you were really successful and in which you had a deep sense of achievement.

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