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Kay Fulkerson



402 Las Palmaritas
Phoenix, AZ 85020
United States
T: 602-943-2822
F: 602-997-7460


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The Product XanGo™ is made from the whole fruit puree of the "mangosteen",
a fruit grown in southeast Asia know for its medicinal qualities. XanGo™ is a
single product focus with a universal appeal that creates a NEW CATEGORY XanGo™ is the first company to bring mangosteen and the nutritional
is the first company to bring mangosteen and the nutritional benefits of
Xanthones (the powerful phytonutrient and super antioxidant found in mangosteen)
to the American market.

Profile and Credentials        

The People Never before has a network marketing company launched with the
number of seasoned corporate management executives as XanGo™. Every member of
the team has been in the field as top level distributors and/or in top level
managment with BIG network marketing companies doing hundreds of millions of
dollars in annual sales. XanGo™ is a company with a PROVEN management team that
has been instrumental in CREATING hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Players: Every member of the upline are FULL TIME, EXPERIENCED, HIGHLY
SUCCESSFUL network marketers who have built downlines in the tens of thousands.
More importantly, they know how to help YOU achieve great success and are
committed to helping any member of the team who has the desire to make a
difference. They have set up all the support tools you need, including this
web site, www.powerplayers.com , distributor support site, www.powerplayers.net

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I want to promote my XanGo business No FEE Any time
Call 602-943-2822 for Kay Fulkerson www.JoyfulHealth.biz
or 602-997-7098 for Hubert Fulkerson www.Vitality4U.org

The Pay Plan        

The Pay Plan XanGo™ pays out 50 cents on every dollar on product sales.
They don't pay UP TO 50 %, they PAY out 50%! Many companies have a higher
"potential" payout, but their "actual" pay out is much smaller. Most companies
keep the "breakage", or unqualified commisions from their distributors.
XanGo™ pays the breakage to qualified upline. They pay it out in three ways.
Weekly Power Start bonuses, 9 level unilevel, and a Global Bonus Pool.
You can earn all three types of income with as few as three personally
sponsored distributors

The Partners        

The Partners XanGo has partnered with WILD Flavors Inc, a Billion Dollar
manufacturing company with plants in 11 locations around the world. Their
worldwide capabilities are a pefect match for XanGo™'s explosive growth.
This gives XanGo™ immediate access to powerful R&D capabilities, along with
international sourcing and manufacturing. The association creates an exclusive
supply and sourcing agreement on the use of mangosteen between XanGo™ and WILD.

The XanGo support site.        

Welcome to the Xango Players Distributor Support Site. We welcome you to the
team and hope you find everything you are looking for to support your efforts
in building the most lucrative business opportunity available today. You should
take your time and go through this entire site once, and then check back each
week at the "What's New" section to see what new tools, training, or support
has been added to the site. Make sure you sign up for our Mailing List and
complete your 48 Hour Assignment ASAP. Next, do your 48 Hour Review with your
sponsor and develop your Game Plan. Then get ready for some of the most fun,
exciting, and financially rewarding experiences of your life. Welcome to Xango! It's GO TIME!

Online Presentations        

Online Presentations

Sizzle Call with David Butler (5 min)
Opportunity Overview with Colli Butler (8 min)
Business Builder Call with David Butler (25 min)
Spanish Business Builder Call with Eliseo Lee (10 min)

See http://www.powerplayers.net

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