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Adriene Wentworth



P.O. Box 1836
Monument, CO 80132
United States
T: 719-487-8095


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Christa Resources, LLC


Christa Resources promotes the works and teachings of Adriene Wentworth, spiritual healer, teacher and spokesperson for the Source and the Spiritual Hierachies that watch over and guide Humanitity and the Earth. Adriene and her trained associates provide powerful healing sessions using the Christa Healing Method to clear and heal the energy bodies and DNA; spiritual protection & self-healing methods through Christa & AnaMata Energy Attunements; channeling and guidance, classes and transformational products.

Profile and Credentials        

Adriene began her professional career as a yoga and meditation instructor and alternative health care consultant. She studied extensively with Himalayan Masters in India and in the United States. Over the course of 15 years she received intensive training in Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, encompassing the paths of knowledge and intellect, love and devotion, discipline and meditation and the path of primal force.
In 1981 Adriene founded the Yoga Way Center and personally assisted hundreds of people to achieve greater levels of balance and wellness through yoga, meditation, stress management, diet and nutrition.
After refining her gifts, skills and abilities, Adriene developed a unique and powerful system of healing called the Christa Healing Method. For the past 15 years this method has helped clients and students clear the interferences and blocks in their energy bodies, assisting them to significantly move forward with their spiritual development and healing process.

Philosophy and Comments        

In 1993 Adriene brought through a new transformational Energy called the "Christa Energy" which is a vibration of Cosmic Christ Energy with specific intent to awaken, protect, self-heal and manifest on the physical plane. Adriene developed an "attunement process" that enables others to reach and use this Energy for themselves.
In 1998 Adriene brought the AnaMata Energy to this planet. The AnaMata Energy is pure Cosmic Feminine Energy. Adriene also developed an "attunement process" to this Energy that includes receiving 50 empowered seed sounds of Divine Mother Consciousness for self-healing, empowerment, mastery and Union with God.
Adriene teaches a course she developed on manifesting spiritual power on the physical plane entitled "Manifest Your Dreams" - The Keys to Mastery. This course in Mastery is the culmination of the work that Adriene has been developing for the past 20 years.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please visit www.christaresources.com>www.christaresources.com for complete information on services and products.





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