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Alicia Silva



725 N 75th st
Seattle, WA 98103
United States
T: 2069312675
F: 206 7845048


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synergy design studio


We are devoted to help our clients to enhance their lives by designing healthier, beutiful, high performance environments that increase their happiness and quelity of life

Profile and Credentials        

Alicia Silva


Alicia Silva is the principal of Synergy Design Studio, a design firm dedicated to help people enhance their lives

Alicia is an interior architect and a Sustainable Building Advisor, she is member of the USGBC, IIDA, Cascadia Green building council, ASID and also and active member of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.

She speaks at conferences and seminars about Green building materials, “design for the Body Mind and soul”, and “how to increase your quality of life through enhancing your living environments”.

She is currently working in the interior design of several multi-famlily projects that are targeting LEED certifications with Pryde Johsnon Urban environments. She has become one of the experts on green building materials in the North west.

She is the cofounder of Greener Lifestyles, a retail store for green building products and healthier home furnishings .

She currently manages several interior design projects for residential clients exceeding green building standards in Seattle and Mexico city Her passion is simple, creating environments where people enjoy life.

Philosophy and Comments        


Interior design II Green Building II Feng shui

We are passionate about well being and we beleie is for every body. We integrate the best there is to people ready to transforme their environments and make their lives thrive. You are part of the design process, we are facilitators for integrative design and advocates during construction.

The design phase integrates not only your priorities but also what makes you feel at home and a self actualized person.

In the construction phase we will supervise and become you advocate for an experience full with ease and calm.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

We are open from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday

We charge flat fees for every project so you don't have any surprices and know upfront what o expect.

We offer the first 2 hour consultation for free to get to know how can we help is very important for us

After the first intervies we will make a proposal for you to consider

Contact us for your appointment.

About office consultations        

According to our research for vital energy in the office we prove that:

The architectural design of the office is determining its financial future.

80% of the companies with financial problems have working environments full of stress, lack of indoor quality and the design of the building does not support the activity that they do.

Every office has to be design according to the purpose of the business

The right colors in the environments help to avoid depression and Seasonal Affective Disorders.

Vital spaces connect your lifestyles with the quality of the space where you spend your time.

We help you create vital spaces for true quality of life.

Design process        

Environmental history

design priorities

setting goals

wishing list

integrative Participation

3d approval

construction documents

contruction management

Enhancing the Energy in the Environment.        

We have experienced environments with high and postive energy and we know how to transform yours so they become supportive for your life.

This type of work is very unique and we are happy to let you know that we are one of the few in the country able to be so effective on enhancing the life energy in the environments

Our method comes from baubiology and geomancy and we involve our clients in a ceremony to bring spirituality,grattitude and positive energy in to your dwellings.

We have seen great enhancements in business such as cofee shops, disturbed families, couples with lack of energy to have a relationship, and so on.


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