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Allison Hayes - The Rock Girl

Allison Hayes


NJ/NYC AREA, United States


Balancing Personal and Environmental Energies with the Frequency of Stones. Tap into the power of stones and feel your body, mind and soul begin to awaken.

Experience first hand the transformation that stones can bring about in your life. Sit with The Rock Girl for a spell and learn how to communicate with the stones and hear what they have to say. Learn how to find the right stones, or even better, how to let them find you. Allison is not a crystal healer and does not practice the laying on of stones. Rather she functions as the facilitator to help you create your own unique relationship with stones and develop your own methods of communication. Your connection can be verbal, tactile or even audient.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a Reiki Master and an ordained Spiritual, Psychic and Interfaith Minister. As far back as I can remember I have always had a strong connection to the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. Even as a child I felt that the earth was sacred and there was magick in the unseen movement of energy. After completing my Reiki Master several years ago my connection to the Mineral Kingdom awakened and I grew extremely sensitive to stones. I became acutely aware of their energy, how it moves and feels, and I began to sense their texture - heavy, light, humid, sticky, refreshing, etc. - and eventually started to see it. It was as if a huge channel within me had finally opened and I was able to access an ancient, innate wisdom and "knowing". At the time I had no idea what I was going to do with all of this wonderful information. So I thought, OK, just sit with this new awareness and let it sink in...

About a month later I was visiting someone's home and noticed they had a lot crystals in their house. I found them fascinating. Most of them were polished and carved into shapes like spheres, pyramids and hearts. When I got home I started researching all of the different types of crystals. As I was studying the crystals I also started to become interested in the rough stones, and soon began acquiring a few here and there. Once I touched them, I knew I had found my calling as I connected with them instantly, and now have a collection of over 5000 stones.

I have the good fortune to be studying under a very knowledgeable stone teacher. He is located in deep woods of South Carolina and is a very wise and magickal man. He has taught me everything I know about communicating with stones, and most importantly to trust my instincts. I also continue my studies in The Mystical Experience at The Woman Wild Mystery School located in Montclair, NJ. I am an avid animal rescuer and love trees as well as stones. You can find me in Nutley, NJ where I live with my husband and furry children amidst our Temple of Stones.

It is my belief that Life is a wondrous journey of living, loving, learning and spiritual evolution and I am fiercely committed to honoring the Divine that dwells within us all.

Philosophy and Comments        

Allison has a vast knowledge of stones and enjoys spending the much needed time getting to know each individual, and identifying their wants, needs and desires. With this information she helps you to develop your very own technique of communicating with the stones, and teaches you that by connecting with the stones, you will ultimately embark on your own path of self discovery. Tap into their profound wisdom, and let your journey begin...

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

*By Appointment*

*Gift Certificates* are available for any and all of the services mentioned below...

Personal *Energy Balancing* with the Frequency of Stones ™        

Personal *Energy Balancing* with the Frequency of Stones ™ aka "One on One with The Rock Girl"

*Personal Energy Balancing* ™ sessions are held at The Rock Girl Studio in Montclair, NJ.

The Rock Girl will meet with you on an individual basis and teach you how to choose the right stones for you. With this information you will work together to create your very own personal mix of stones. You will learn how to attune to the frequency of the stones and incorporate their energy into all areas of your life. Experience the wonder as you tap into the power of the stones and feel your body, mind and soul begin to awaken. Through this process you will learn how to function at your greatest capacity and ultimately reach for your highest potential. Upon request, The Rock Girl can provide you with the stones of your choice.

  • Excellent for Personal Transformation, Meditation, Manifestation, Stone Lay-Outs, and Healer's Tool Boxes.
  • *Personal Energy Balancing* sessions last about 90 minutes and are $100. Series of 3 sessions $255 ($85 per session). Series of 5 sessions $375 ($75 per session). This does not include the cost of the stones.

  • Environmental *Energy Balancing* with the Frequency of Stones ™        

    Environmental *Energy Balancing* with the Frequency of Stones ™ aka "Gridding"

    The Rock Girl will come to your home, office or studio and work with you to design your own unique *Environmental Energy Balancing* ™ grid. She will take the much needed time to determine your specific wants, needs and desires and help you carefully select the right stones for your space. Upon request, The Rock Girl can provide you with the selected stones, set them up in your space, and advise you on their care and cleansing.

  • Excellent for Homes, Sacred Spaces, Healing Rooms, Art Studios, Therapists, Chiropractors, Doctors and (especially) Dentists Offices.
  • On-site evaluations last 2 - 3 hours and start at $300. Prices may vary depending on size of space. This does not include the cost of the stones.

  • *Rock Girl Readings* ™        

    *Rock Girl Readings* ™

    *Rock Girl Readings* ™ are held at The Rock Girl Studio in Montclair, NJ.

    Upon arrival, have yourself a cup of tea and settle into a cozy chair. The Rock Girl will then ask you to select a total of FIVE stones from THREE separate groups. After you have made your selection, The Rock Girl will channel the information and tell you what the stones have to say. The Rock Girl does not predict your future, contact Spirit Guides, or become the bearer of bad news. Rather she acts as a facilitator, where she helps you to communicate with the stones that YOU CHOOSE. This is a Mystical experience and more often than not, can lead one down the path to further self discovery and conscious transformation. The stones provide you with important information and reveal to you the secrets they have to share. After The Rock Girl channels this information, you are encouraged to ask questions and share your experience. You will leave the reading with a new appreciation for the wisdom of stones and the role they can play in your physical, emotional and spiritual evolution. Do stop by for a visit!

    *Rock Girl Readings* ™ last about 90 minutes and are $100.

    *RockTalk* with The Rock Girl ™        

    *RockTalk* with The Rock Girl ™

    Phone sessions are available with The Rock Girl and will focus on your individual needs. Combine elements of Personal and Environmental *Energy Balancing*, *Rock Girl Readings*, design your own Personal Mixes or create your very own Tool Box. The Rock Girl is here to answer any and all of your questions (and then some), and looks forward to working with you as you travel down your path of self discovery.

    *RockTalk* with The Rock Girl™ ~ $30 for 30 minutes; $60 for 60 minutes; $90 for 90 minutes.

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