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Aloha Bodyworks and Soundhealingmaui

Alika Spencer


4981 Uakea st.
Hana, HI 96713
United States
T: 808-280 3500

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Aloha ... Welcome to soundhealingmaui.com, Locally owned and operated- Hawaiian/and cross cultural healings, thru the applications of Lomi Lomi,Sound therapy, intuition, knowledge and esoteric energy work. Located in the heart of Hana Maui, ocean side, a minutes walk from Hotel Hana Maui.

Alika Spencer, L.M.T. and native Hawaiian, invites you to experience combining massage and live vibrational sound frequencies in his treatments. This profound experience will fascillitate relaxation and allow for our bodies own inate ability for healing to take place at a deeper cellular level.

Profile and Credentials        

Alika Spencer, L.M.T., is a Native born and raised 6th generation Hawaiian. Health, wellness and licensed massage practioner of ten years. Talents and interests include indigenous healing practices, surfing, outdoor activities, music, crafts and services of nuturing and compassion. Alika offers a wide range of healing modalities and tools to help achieve that desired result.

Philosophy and Comments        

Exploring a greater state of consciousness, stepping beyond time and space. Accessing that higher emotional state, to be interested enough to improve the quality of ones life. May we all learn to let go and journey to our true natrual state of being! E Aloha Mana Pono ... To embrace the abundance of divine spirituality. Ekahi E ALOHA! One spirit one love!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


Didgeridoo Meditation...

instruments and frequencies that have been research and scientifically researched to affect our d.n.a. in the most optimal way.

“Featuring” live sounds of spiritual and mystical nature. Instruments of the Didgeridoo, Mystic bowls, gongs, chimes, bells and more, live sonic vibrations that will resonate your intention and take you on a journey that is safe and non-invasive.


Testomonial from: Andrew Weil MD

I have experienced Alika Spencer's vibrational healing work and find it truly unique. The combination of sound and hands-on work is deeply relaxing and sure to help restore equilibrium of both body and mind. Best Regards, Andrew Weil. MD....

From Lisa Felisky-

First of all I wanted to let you know how "improved" I felt after my massage. The rest of that day I was quite blissful - we did get to snorkel with the turtles in Napili. But I really noticed the improvement the next day when I woke up. All my aches and pains, both chronic and acute, were gone. I searched my body for anything that hurt but felt completely whole, without pain. Joe said the same thing too. Have you considered moving to Michigan? The snow is quite lovely and you do eventually get used to the single digit temperatures

From Terri L.

I so enjoyed my visit to the islands and meeting you. You are such a gift, a wonderful healer. I look forward to my return trip most likely in July. Judy tells me she has one of your CD's. I would like to order one. Let me know how we can go about this..... Peace and Blessings.... Terri



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