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Ananda of Seattle & Lynnwood, WA



6509 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
United States
T: 206 523 4343
F: 425 673 4857


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Ananda Sangha


Ananda of Seattle & Lynnwood is part of the worldwide family of Ananda Communities, churhes, meditation and yoga teaching centers, and retreats. In the Seattle area, our primary location is in the Roosevelt district, across the street from East West Bookshop (which is also part of Ananda Sangha). The local residential community is located ten miles north in Lynnwood. We offer classes in hatha yoga, meditation, raja yoga, kriya yoga, scriptures of East and West, and practical spiritual living courses. Based on the kriya yoga teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda (author of "Autobiography of a Yogi"), and founded by direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda, Ananda is a dynamic, creative, and multi-faceted spiritual center offering understanding and respect for all people and spiritual traditions.

Profile and Credentials        

Ananda in Seattle was originally begun as an Ananda meditation group in 1983 which hosted speakers and ministers from Ananda Village in California. In the last fifteen years, however, Ananda in Seattle has had its own resident ministers. Terry and Padma McGilloway, originally from Ananda in California, are the local "acharyas," spiritual directors, appointed by Swami Kriyananda and serve with a staff of four other ministers, and many, many volunteers. The ministerial staff members have been part of Ananda for twenty to thirty years and give classes, meditations, satsangs, retreats, and worship services, plus conduct weddings and other traditional ceremonies. Members of the local "Lay Order" and the international Ananda Monastic Order form the heart, hands, and mind of the work of Ananda in the greater Seattle area. Ananda Sangha of Seattle is an independent member of the larger, worldwide Ananda Sangha.

Philosophy and Comments        

Ananda offers the timeless and timely teachings of Self-Realization as they are expressed, especially, by Paramhansa Yogananda who came to America in 1920 from India. Self-Realization refers to the goal of life as the realization by each individual of his Oneness in God, with God, and with all life. Such realization, or liberation, is achieved through a combination of self-effort (through the practice of yoga, meditation, right attitude, good works) and the grace of God through the agency of a true (enlightened) guru. Meditation, especially kriya yoga meditation, is the heart of the practices taught by Yogananda and at Ananda. A course of training, between six and twelve months, is typically needed to prepare for and best receive initiation into the practices and life of kriya yoga.
Ananda's classes and practices are open to all who are sincere. Anyone, regardless of religious affiliation, can benefit from the practice of meditation and yoga. (Kriya yoga, however, is given to those who take initiation into discipleship to the Self-Realization line of Gurus.)

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Many activities are free: Sunday Service, Sunday morning meditation, Friday evening meditation, weekday meditations in Lynnwood, and many other activities. Instructional and practice classes in yoga, meditation, study of philosophy and scripture, and "how-to" workshops usually cost the equivalent of $8 to $25 per session. Yoga classes range from $8 to $12, depending on whether prepaid or drop-in. Ananda's policy is to work individually with any sincere student for whom the cost of a class is problematical to find an alternative means for the student to give in return. Ananda is primarily a volunteer organization and is supported largely by contributions from (local) individuals. The handfull of paid staff receive a modest salary.

Raja & Hatha Yoga Intensive        

This 3-month course, on Thursday evenings, and an occasional Saturday, is Ananda's most popular, and comprehensive, experience of hatha yoga and raja (meditation and philosophy) yoga. Divided into two segments, hatha, and raja, and designed as a single course, students may nonetheless take the segments separately. The course is offered two times a year: beginning late January or early February, and beginning after Labor Day in September.Topics include practice of yoga & meditation techniques such as: postures, pranayam, breath awareness, chakra energy meditation, mantra, chanting, affirmations, creative visualization, to name a few; discussion topics range from the healing aspects of specific yoga postures, to Vedanta and Shankhya philosophy, and Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga (8-Fold Path). Stages of spiritual awakening, samadhi, karma & reincarnation, causal and astral levels of creation, guru-disciple relationship, are but some of the wide ranging topics included.

Ananda Yoga        

Ananda Yoga was first developed by Ananda's founder, Swami Kriyananda, who received personal training from Paramhansa Yogananda. Subsequent Ananda Yoga teachers have continued to develop the system with the guidance of Swami Kriyananda. Ananda Yoga is renown for its clarity, calmness, and integrity of representation of the essence of yoga: harmony of body and mind with spirit. This system adds affirmations to the poses to help re-direct the student's attention to the energetic and spiritual aspects of the timeless and timely science of hatha yoga. Traditional poses are the heart of Ananda Yoga. Yogananda's now famous 39-step Energization Pranayam system have been added for energy, awareness, healing, and as a warm-up for the safe practice of hatha yoga.

Learn to Meditate        

For decades Ananda teachers have offered the popular, effective, and time-tested meditation technique of breath awareness (with mantra) that has found universal expression through the world's spiritual traditions. Combined with a psycho-physiological understanding of meditation works, Ananda's "Hong Sau" meditation technique is used by thousands throughout the world. In Seattle this class is offered each month on Tuesday nights in a three or four-class format. Throughout the year, a condensed Saturday workshop version is offered as well.At the East West Bookshop, across the street from Ananda on Roosevelt Way in Seattle, our teachers offer a simpler version in a one-hour class called "Meditation for Starters." This is available usually twice a month: on a Tuesday evening or a Saturday morning.

Ananda Community        

Opportunities to experience an intentional, spiritual community arise from time to time throughout the year. 10 miles north of Seattle, Ananda residents have a 32-unit apartment complex where group meditation, meals, study groups, recreation, gardening, and other activities are offered. A typical two-bedroom apartment rents for just under $800 per month. No lease is required. Open to all who are sincere, respectful, and harmonious, and interested in the way of life, teachings, and spiritual practices of Ananda. One resident runs a home preschool, Ananda Living Wisdom (home) Preschool. Additionally, Ananda offers the Ananda Yoga Day Camp two week session for children ages 5-10 (last two weeks in July each year).

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