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MariaAntoinette Castello



Burton, MI 48509
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Maria Antoinette


I studied and lived in Venezuela,South America. I have experience with eclectic use of Alternative Therapies as Reiki, Chakra Reading and Flower and Gems Essences. I studied Early Childhood Education and have a Masters degree in Behavioral Cognitive Counseling, specialized in Sexology. I am able to do distance readings and healings. Please visit my website: www.lunahealer.com

Profile and Credentials        

Behavioral Cognitive Counselor, M.Sc., Sexologist. Master Reiki. Flower and Gems Essences Therapist.

Philosophy and Comments        

I think that many of our diseases are based in wrong emotions; my work is to help to identify them and to find the path that will keep your mind, body and spirit aligned and healthy.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I will "read" your principal Chakras and describe the dysfunction, using the internet or in person. My fees are $40 for a 45 min. session. Also will prepare a Flower and Gems formula to correct the problem for $10 additional.





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