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Mark Perkins


Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH): Return to Oneness with the Divine Source! Re-build the bridge to Oneness!

Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH)is an amazing vibrational healing modality that has the capacity to heal instantaneously! Through hands-on or distance healing ARCH sends all of the frequencies of life force energy (chi, ki, prana...it is known by many names) into oneself or someone else. Because ARCH contains all frequencies it can work on any "dis-ease."

Profile and Credentials        

My path has been and continues to be an adventure. It includes the U.S. Marine Corps where I learned both sides of life, taking and preserving. We were trained dutifully in killing the enemy before he could kill us. I was then taught to gather information that could be used to save lives. I continued with this services-based view in the U.S. Government. I was trying to work within the system to try to make it less of a war machine and more of a benefit to all humanity.

During this time and as a logical continuation of my path, I began to study Aikido. The study of Aikido has been integral in my understanding of my "dark side." This is part of an entity that is the ego-driven reaction to situations. It is the part that pushes back when pushed. It is the part that sees things as separate, dark and light, good and bad. Aikido has shown and is showing me that I need to understand both sides of the situation while providing a safe environment for all concerned.

In an effort to provide a safer environment to raise our children, my wife and I moved West with our toddler son. We found ourselves in an environment where alternative methods of doing things were accepted and encouraged. It was in this environment where I met my teacher Laurie Keako'a' Grant. She was teaching a Reiki class that I had decided to take. Earlier, my wife had had a Reiki session and was very impressed with how it made her feel. My thought was that I could learn Reiki and help her to have those feelings on a regular basis. When Laurie moved on to re-discover Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, I continued to study with her.

During those years, the old "intelligence analyst" in me (the one who spent 15-years analyzing information and studying language / cultures for the Department of Defense) was very curious about the origns of Hawaiian healing and Spiritual practices. Therefore, I did what I know how to do best: research. That is when I found Shamanism.

During my research, I found the teachings of many experts in this field. I have had the pleasure to study under Dr. Hank Wesselman, Sandra Ingerman, Gregg Braden, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dan Millman, in addition to Laurie Grant. This book documents a collection of my questions, analysis, insights and, at times, ramblings related to my personal journey back to Oneness...and the evidence that satisfied and completed my "logic circuit."

I continue to study shamanic teachings and employing the Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing energies through private healing sessions and through Oneness seminars.

Philosophy and Comments        

Through several experiences when I was young, including nearly losing one of my brother to a severe illness and a mystical experience, I began my journey along a healing path. For years I studied and planned to go to medical school, however, the Divine had other plans. I was instead drawn through a series of experiences that molded my soul and my thinking. This built the proper framework for me to be open to energy healing work and Shamanism.

I feel that I bring a grounded, logical view of energy healing. This is in contrast to the view of some people that energy workers are "seeing the world through rose colored glasses" and/or "it is all a bunch of New Age woo-woo."

When you see me about an issue, do not expect me to "fix" you. That is not my philosophy. I enable you to experience a healing energy that has been with you all your life. As children, we tap this energy at will and use it to develop and grow. We will be working as a partnership to help you reconnect with the Divine, understand the lesson or perceived payoff of the situation and heal!

So, come on a journey with me...

It offers you the probability of experiencing healing on physical,

mental and spiritual levels. This is a journey back to Oneness with the

Divine Source!

The goal of Oneness is to reconnect you with God, YHWH, Divine Source, Great Spirit - or the name that you use to describe the Universal Oneness that is the source of all - and to help you get back in touch with that Spirit. The objective is for you to rediscover the grand plan for your life and to realize that you are not just out there flailing on your own.

Returning to Oneness with the Divine Source will allow you to grow and flourish with the knowledge that you are not alone. You will consistently begin to recognize that the Divine Source is in all and is represented in all!

To facilitate this Oneness re-connection, I use a mixture of communication, Shamanism and healing arts including Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing and Reiki.

Shamanic practices have been observed in all cultures, in every era. Shamans utilize a close relationship with nature to facilitate their abilities of prophecy and healing. Shamans also understand that the root of disease is not bacteria or viruses, but a physical, spiritual, psychological imbalance and/or lesson to be learned. The term, "It is all in your head," may not be far from the truth. These concepts are the basis for my healing work. In a Shamanic-based healing session, you will placed back in touch with the spirits and energies that have as a goal your optimal health, strength (mental and physical) and emotional well-being. Through a series of ceremonies and healing rituals, I help you to re-connect with these energies to support this goal.

During a 45 to 90-minute Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing session, I facilitate bringing Divine Source healing energy into your body where you have the opportunity for complete healing and optimum health on body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels. The focus of this healing session is to put you in touch with the lesson to be learned from the issues you are experiencing, the acceptance of that lesson and healing of the symptoms. This concept focuses on the root cause of the issue vice simply the symptom. You will also experience the love of the Divine Source!

I am an 8th generation Reiki Master in the line of Usui. Reiki focuses on the healing energies of the heart chakra. Reiki, in my experience, is most effective in the physical realm. Many of my clients liken the experience of Reiki to having an intense massage but with the gentle touch of a warm breeze.

It is nearly impossible to find a "one-size fits all" solution to healing. Through interactive communication we will both learn what the proper healing path is for you and your specific issues. It is important to note that I am simply the vehicle through which the healing energy is conducted. I am offering you the opportunity to use this energy for your highest good. It is up to you to allow the energy to work.


Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My Journey Back to Oneness        

We spend a great deal of our lives, both awake and asleep, wondering about the great mysteries of our lives. Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Why me? Is there a God?

Many of these questions are unanswerable at this point in our path of enlightenment as humans. Many can be answered, if we allow ourselves to learn our lessons and Reconnect with the Divine Source!

Through My Journey Back to Oneness, we will go on a journey of rediscovery. This journey offers you the probability of experiencing healing on physical, mental and spiritual levels. A journey back to the place where we all started...a place of Oneness with the Divine Source.

Our journey will begin with a refocusing of our perceptions of good and bad; us and them; and the other representation of duality that influences how we experience the world around us.

We will then get a glimpse of the concepts behind Hawaiian mysticism and Shamanism - and establish the basic understanding of energy and reality as defined in these concepts.

A brief comparison of religious beliefs follows along with an exploration of a very powerful healing tool - prayer. This is followed by an exploration of the applications of these concepts.

Next, we will investigate the ancient qualities and bacic nature of the concepts discussed. Futher, we will attempt to make ties between these concepts and the origins of human beings.

Finally, there are several appendices outlining recommended readings and training that can enhance your personal journey back to oneness.

See this page for more information or to order

More About ARCH and ARCH Training        

I have been training with the founder of ARCH since early 2002 to achieve the honor of being certified as a ARCH Healing Teacher. In November 2002, I received this title from the founder, Laurie Keako'a' Grant. I plan to conduct classes in Boulder, CO, Santa Fe, NM, Philadelphia, PA, Reno, NV, and Brightenbush, OR. Please check back to this site for class schedule.

Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH) is an amazing energy healing modality that has the capacity to heal instantaneously! Through hands-on or distant healing ARCH sends all of the frequencies of life force energy into oneself or someone else. Because ARCH contains all frequencies it can work on any “dis-ease.”

ARCH was re-discovered by Laurie Keako’a’ Grant in 2000 when she received an amazing healing while in Hawaii. According to the information Laurie has assembled, “When early beings inhabited this planet they knew that they were not separate from the Divine Source.”

As I experience the pure love that ARCH is able to facilitate, I know that I have found that common bond that people have been searching for. ARCH is not a religion, but the joy of knowing and feeling the love of God, Yahweh, Ku, Great Spirit, (or any other name that is your truth) is the one universal reality.

Please join me and experience the ARCH energy for yourself. Through guided meditation and shamanic journey work, you will:

* Experience true bliss in your life.

* Be initiated into three levels of ARCH.

* Meet your personal Rainbow Spirit and Power Animal.

* Learn techniques to heal yourself and others on subconscious and conscious levels.

* Facilitate clearing of physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies.

* Have the four mystery schools activate love, truth, knowledge, and wisdom in you.

* Learn the secrets to healing instantaneously.

* Experience your interconnectedness with all things.

* Know your oneness with the Divine Source.

* Become a Certified ARCH Practitioner.

More About Shamanism        

What is Shamanism?

Over the course of human development, ancient peoples worldwide discovered how to maximize human abilities of mind and spirit for healing and problem-solving. This system has become known as "shamanism." Shamans enter an altered state of consciousness to journey to hidden worlds otherwise mainly known through myth, dream, and near-death experiences.

Shamanism, specifically the shamanic journey, is used primarily for divination and healing. Shamans utilizes the journeying techniques to study with their individual spirit teachers in non-ordinary reality. During the journey, the shaman can gain knowledge and insight as to what is necessary to restore spiritual power, and heal oneself, others, and the Planet.

Shamanic practices have been observed in all cultures, in every era. Shamans utilize a close relationship with nature to facilitate their abilities of prophecy and healing. Like in the Hawaiian belief system, Shamans also understand that the root of ailment is not bacteria or viruses, but a physical, spiritual, psychological imbalance and/or lesson to be learned.

There are many different practices employed by Shamans. The work of Michael Harner has centered on finding the common threads amongst the varying Shamanic practices. These common themes include the concepts of ordinary and non-ordinary reality and three worlds.

As taught in the workshops of Michael Harner and Dr. Hank Wesselman, ordinary reality is the world we live in. It is the physical reality of our five senses. It is the world that we describe through our chemistry and physics, the conscious mind and faith. In this reality, there is separateness: a beginning and an end; a cause and an effect.

Non-ordinary reality is the world of spirit. It is the world of dreams, spirits and intuition. It is where all things are conscious. It is the place of "no time" where the past, present and future all exist and are accessible. It is the place where thoughts, feelings and emotions create our physical reality and is the spirit mirror of our ordinary reality. In this place, all is connected and related. It is a place of symbolism. The Shaman "journeys" to non-ordinary reality to access the information contained therein. He then uses this data to help facilitate healing in ordinary reality.

My Story

I was trained in shamanic journeying by Sandra Ingerman using the methods developed by Michael Harner, Ph.D. Dr. Harner is an anthropologist who has practiced shamanism and shamanic healing since 1961 and pioneered their return to contemporary life.

I have continued to broaden my studies through personal experiences, training from Dr. Hank Wesselman, and sharing with like-minded individuals.

In my practice, I help clients:

* Connect with their personal Spiritual Guidance

* Power Augmentation

* Soul Retrieval

* Healing Journeys

* Life Path Issues

* Grief and Forgiveness Journeys

* Ancestor Connections


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