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Vera Reed



12 West Main St
Avon, CT 06001
United States
T: 860-674-0068


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Body Seasonings


Aromatherapy has been used in her practice beginning with the understanding that she was practicing wellness. She became an aromatherapist to create her own products for the treatments she gave. Sea Salt Body Polishes, Facials and Hand and Foot treatments include use of her products during body treatments that are pure, natural and void of the toxins that her clients are seeking to release.
As her clients enjoyed the treatments, they asked about the aromas and oils. They wanted to have them at home, and thus Body Seasonings was born.
The center has 2 treatment rooms, office, waiting area(which is also used for gatherings) and a kitchen where she is blending herbs for all her products and preparing supplements for her weekly gatherings.
Blends are made for different mind/body and spirit conditions, and her natural handmade bath and body products are sold locally and available online.

Profile and Credentials        

Vera Reed is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist and Certified Chinese Herbalist . Not A common career label these days in Connecticut, but nevertheless applicable to Vera whose eclectic studies include Traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Reiki, Sacred Hot Stone therapy, Ear candling.The center will be adding more ancient and new age treatments as business increases. Nationally Certified and a member of the AMTA. Her advanced training and specialties are in therapeutic massage, sports, deep tissue, pregnancy, and chronic pain and injury.

Working at major corporations, like the Hartford, United Healthcare and Department of Revenue, to name a few, they are realizing the benefits and importance of relaxation techniques, managing stress with massage therapy and aromatherapy.

Philosophy and Comments        

The massage therapy practice brought her on the bridge between the body and spirit, she believes she can respect both perspectives, and in doing so, come to an experience that is quite unique for the client. Her treatments embody the essence of its name, Body Seasonings, enveloping the timeless realm of treatments from yesterday, today and lasting for many tomorrows....

Never stop learning is her motto. She is actively teaching and sharing this advanced holistic approach to balancing the mind body and spirit and will love to assist you in your own personal journey towards perfect health.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Vera Reed, owner of Body Seasonings will be honored to offer a $10.00 discount off your first visit to get to know you.

Call 860-674-0068 and ask for an appointment with Vera leave date and time you'd prefer

Appointments are available for Monday-Friday

9a.m. - 6:30p.m. and Saturday from 9a.m. - 3p.m.


You may also purchase them online at bodyseasonings.com





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