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Arrachme Art




The Global Village Women promote random acts of kindness. The purpose is to show appreciation, which creates a chain reaction of active demonstration of more love and more kindness in the world. Resulting in revealing the hidden door to our positive nature.

Our world is shifting back to a place where we are “one”. Frequencies are rising. Automatically, many people are choosing to end dead-end relationships and surrounding themselves with other like-minded people. People are able to access what they call gifts which is simply a natural process of consciousness. When one becomes more “awake” they can see. More and more, people all over the world are experiencing incidences of oneness to the extent that the instances can no longer be considered coincidence.

Those that choose to follow the negative people and negative things, like sheep, will be left behind, meaning we experience what we expect, positive or negative. Free Image Hosting at www.picturetrail.com As the shift is happening, humans are experiencing a DNA upgrade. The activation sequence or bridge to ascension causes people to awake to what is real and help guide others to a new way of living, into a greater love. This is the difference between what you “know” and what you “believe possible”. Knowing is constant like consciousness. That which changes is not real. Beliefs can change, they are rooted in what might be possible but you are just not sure. Fear and love can not exist at the same time. These two words are opposite. One pushes the other out of a given space.

For years and a lack of a better word, we have used the term, light-workers. These people are awakening rapidly to lead the way though there discovered personal skills, whether it is art, music, nursing, healing, humanitarianism, a mom kissing a child an extra time, a sister calling up a sister to say thank you, and the list goes on. More love in the world creates more peace. This passion to create selfless-service in ones life, will continue to grow. Gratitude is a parent to positive action. Do not worry about making a mistake because when coming from a place of true love there are no mistakes. Guaranteed, you will find the strength to speak the truth and the language of kindness.

In the new world, strife and suffering which are man made will disappear, if it has not already done so in your world. As the vibration continues to lift more and more positive experiences will emerge for all. The Global Village Women use words and kind eyes to help the spark of inspiration for family love and a positive personal spiritual journey of love.

Those that are activated will be more inclined to give, be kind, help and live in the grace of gratitude. Your can count on the Global Village Women to always have a kind word to say to one another. The sole creation of these women is for more people to come to a conscious place where they can take part in the positive side of the planetary vibrational shifts.

Please click on the newsletter then click on subscribe. You will find articles on lifesytle, spiritual travel, art, inspiriation messages, recipies, and you can ask a question. The Global Village Women will answer you in the subsequent issues. it's alot of fun and we can't do you withot you. You are important to the girls. The girls are middle aged and have alot of wisdom. Could you be a Global Village Woman?



Profile and Credentials        

How the Global Village Women Appeared in My Life

I was in The Asheville Women’s Center of Hope, having a routine mammogram when a painting captured my curiosity. My nurse, Mary, noticed my passionate staring and said funny you should notice this piece. She began to tell me that the artist, Mrs. Causewell, was in her 80’s and had just been told she had cancer. “See the eyes, these are the eyes of a woman that has just been told she has breast cancer”. My body filled with goose bumps and my eyes welled up with an over whelming sense of grace and love. Mary continued, “She painted this piece and donated it to the center. Soon after she passed.” At that moment I heard and felt a message as profoundly loud as a message can be. It was clear to me that I was to continue painting the women in honor and spirit of all the Mrs. Causewell’s of the world; most importantly, with her blessing. The eyes were to evoke the passionate message of love and kindness to help usher us into oneness and a beautiful new world filled with love. I am sure of one thing, The Global Village Women are waiting for me to bring them forth out of the canvas so that they can share their message.

They are to cross all cultures, ethnicities, and awareness. Their message is gentle and kind and they do make a difference. A percentage of the each print or giclee’ is to go into a fund that will be donate to support a Global Village Women’s efforts to make a difference. They can be a mother, daughter, sister, grandma, granddaughter, wife or friend. Global Village Women make a difference through one random act of kindness at a time.

Philosophy and Comments        

The philosophy is simple. We must all create random acts of kindness, thus, improving the world in the moment one person at a time.

Only love brings peace worldwide.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

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See extraordinary photos taken by Arrachme during a journey through India. On the way to Kashmir and the Himalayas she stopped. There she was invited to stay in a Tibetan Village. The children were remarkable leaving a lasting impression. Paintings emerged soon after.

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