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Myrna Elias



Urb. Villa Blanca #64 Ave. Jose Garrido
Caguas, 00725
Puerto Rico
T: 787 593-3155


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Art Lady


On this website you will find high quality collectors art work. We represent the Puertorrican artist Felix R. Cordero. Born in October of the year 1931, Mr. Cordero is a highly experienced painter.Known in the US as 'El Pintor de los Balcones', his work has been collected by former Governer Luis A. Ferré and Cordero Badillo, among others. The unique use of vibrant colors and texture is his trademark.

Profile and Credentials        

The Art Lady is an authorized art representative of Felix R. Cordero. We coordinate art exhibits in Puerto Rico and the US. His art works are made using acrylic on diverse mediums such as paper,masonite and canvas. Some of his works use a method created and developed by him through the years called 'grumo', which is a texturized surface that gives a three dimensional impression similar to wood carving.

Philosophy and Comments        

Only the best materials and workmanship are offered in this website. Our products are guaranteed to be unique and original art works, designed to give clients a lifetime of enjoyment and a solid investment for the future.We will be pleased to accept requests for custom orders.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

As every art work is unique prices may vary from one article to another.
We pride ourseves in giving individual attention to all our customers, so appointments are required.Any requests may be made to the following phone number 787 593-3155. We will answer your call promptly.





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