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Bend Midwifery Care


Comprehensive Midwifery Care

Bend Midwifery Care is committed to providing compassionate, woman-centered care in which both the mother and the midwife are actively engaged in the decision-making process. Throughout the childbearing year women and families can expect care that honors and respects the individual with a belief that pregnancy and birth are healthy, normal events in life.

Such care can include;

Pre-conception counseling, nutritional assessment and education, pregnancy testing, holistic prenatal care by monitoring medical, physical, emotional, and social health throughout the pregnancy, childbirth education, partner and family preparation for birth, providing medical supplies for birth and advice on preparing the birth space, attendance at labor, birth, and immediate postpartum, assistance in postpartum adjustment, breastfeeding education and support, and providing referrals where necessary.

Also offering Holistic Childbirth Prpeparation utilizing the "Birthin From Within" method pioneered by Pam Englad. Offering Breastfeeding counseling and mother to mother support groups too. We also offer postpartum birth trauma resolution, belly casting instruction and supplies, natural fertility information, and many products for the growing family, such as baby slings, cloth diapers, cloth feminine products, herbal care itmes, books, and nursing products.

Profile and Credentials        

Augustine C. Daniels, DEM

Augustine has had a lifelong passion for women and children. After attending her first homebirth at age eight, she knew her life’s path. Blessed with innate gifts of compassion and empathy, Augustine adores her work with new families. After the homebirth of her first daughter, Augustine felt called to Midwifery and began her self-study. Finishing her doula training in South Carolina and attending births as a doula and midwives apprentice lead her to an externship in a rural Jamaican Hospital. Having two more children taught her more lessons and enhanced her passion for assisting families in life’s most profound moment. She has worked as a midwife and studied in different cultural environments and countries, including Denmark, Jamaica, and Mexico, and many places on the East Coast. Augustine has been teaching Birthing From Within classes to expectant and new parents continuously since 2000. She is also a leader and founder of the Bend area Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network and a practicing herbalist. She and her family have recently relocated from New Jersey to Bend, Oregon, and Augustine offers holistic prenatal care and homebirth to the families of central Oregon.

Philosophy and Comments        

Birth is an emergence NOT an emergency

Augustine recognizes that in pregnancy many women experience great physical, emotional, social and spiritual changes, and that it is her intention to support women and their families in this time of transformation. She expects that mothers choosing homebirth are willing to take responsibility for their own health and well-being as well as for that of their babies. It is her hope that in doing so, women will discover the power that birth holds, and carry it with them throughout their lives.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Comprehensive Maternity Services From Conception to 6 weeks postpartum Sliding scale $2000 - $3500 (depending on family income)

Six week series of class prenatally, 1 postpartum meeting - $185

Group Breastfeeding counseling - Free

Private Breastfeeding counseling - $25 an hour

Belly casting supplies and instruction - $45

Private birth trauma resolution - $75 / 2 hour session

Postpartum Doula Services - $25 an hour

Childbirth Class Subjects        

Taming the tiger
Labrynth as metaphor for labor
Obstetrical symbols
informed consent
fathers as partners not coaches
how to prevent back labor
the elk and the epidural
embracing unwished for surprizes
the compassionate use of drugs and epidurals
swaddling the newborn and newborn parents
baby proofing the marriage
proven pain coping practices
how to avoid an episiotomy
feeding your baby

Families Prefer the Midwifery Model of Care        

“Augustine is a true Birth Warrior. She will do her best to help you have a beautiful birth experience. Her professional and technical knowledge will help you make the most informed decisions about your birth choices. You can trust Augustine's wisdom and experience; and trust is one of the most important requirements for any birth attendant. She recognizes that birth is not a medical event but a rite of passage that every mother has the right to claim. The class we took with her helped us both discuss our fears and anxiety about labor. My husband really took on the role of guardian. Labor is hard but I did it!”

-Dorothy, first-time mother of Hannah

"When my son was about to be born (around 12:30am) Augustine helped me to catch him myself and for the first time I got to hold my baby right away, my other children had been whisked to the other side of the room and only brought to me after the hospital staff had done what they wanted with them. This was the most magical moment of my life and I will always thank Augustine for giving that to me. We stayed in the pool for some time resting and getting to know each other. When the time came we got out of the pool and after the cord had stopped pulsating Augustine prepared it so that my daughter Brooke could cut it. Having my 12 year old daughter there was very important to me but I was concerned about her reactions, Augustine was able to take her aside several times and reassure her that everything was going well and Brooke responded so well to her. Brooke was included and treated with respect and love; there are not enough thanks or praise I can offer to Augustine for this. My birth was so sacred and special thanks to all of her talents and intuitions. I was told later by the friend that attended the birth that Augustine worked wonderfully well with the 2 doulas who assisted, she was able to be in control and listen to everyone’s opinions and suggestions. I am sure this is why I never felt overwhelmed by the number of people in my home. Her ability to work with everyone and orchestrate the environment so perfectly kept me happy and relaxed and focused. For me this birth was a dream come true after almost 13 years. I would recommend Augustine Daniels to anyone as a midwife without reservation. I am proud of what I did to give birth to my son but I know that the experience would not have been the same had I not had Augustine here with me. I would be thrilled to talk about my experience with anyone who wanted a further reference. Augustine is a blessing to mothers and an asset to her profession. To me she will always be the awesome woman who made such a difference in my life and my children’s.”

-Justine third-time mother of Luke

“Her high level of midwifery experience and training were apparent in how smoothly she handled our unusually fast labor and delivery. We felt Augustine handled all aspects of our labor and delivery with knowledgeable, confident professionalism. She is also compassionate and personable, very easy to talk to and interact with. Augustine helped us have the best birth experience we could have imagined. We both recommend her to others, as well as hope to hire her again for our next birth!"

-Kris and Gene first-time parents of Julia

Childbirth Class Reviews        

"Augustine provided the best preparation for me to grow to become an awesome, nurturing, organic, natural father able to do what is best for his wife and child especially where it veered from conventional wisdom. She created such a safe environment for our talks that I could resolve my deepest hidden fears about childbirth. She creates a strong network of people and did this all from the great passion and love for her clients."

-Curtis Aubrey, first time father to Racheal

I found the "art of birthing" while searching for a class which was not the typical lamaze. I needed to learn what this labor was going to be all about and was I really going to survive the pain and still have any dignity left afterwards. After the first class I did not know if I really belonged because all the other women spoke so very patiently about having a natural birth. Augustine reassured me I was in the right class. The class focuses on the emotional process of birth and not the outcome. I am proud to report I had an amazing natural birth experience. It would be wonderful if all women could experince the "art of birthing" and be able to emotionally give birth to their little miracles.

Angela new mom to Victoria

Augustine, you have been a blessing and a spirit healer and a facilitator of my journey. You have a beautiful heart and a free and open spirit. Thank you for all your love and wisdom in our class.

April Dickson

This course has been such a blessing. Augustine really helped us understand what we bring to this birth and what we can let go of. I would never have imagined that a birthing class could actually be so helpful in dealing with the real issues of birth, and also that a class could be so fun and engaging. Thank you for allowing us to struggle and bloom.

Albert Dickson

We all want to thank Augustine for all she has offered her clients through this class, I feel like the journey has just begun and I can’t begin to tell how much I have learned about myself, my husband, and of course birth. I can say thank you now because it doesn’t matter how my birth turns out. I’m so glad I’ve laughed, cried, and even grieved with all of you. I feel empowered to take control of my birth, while knowing its out of my control.

-Spring and Travis England

I have made a list of all the reasons I am grateful to Augustine. During our first phone conversation, Augustine arranged for me to get a massage which I desperately needed and gave me the information and support that I needed to ultimately change care providers. It helped me so much to feel I had options. During our class, She gave Mark the knowledge and confidence to participate fully in labor, delivery, and Joseph’s first few hours. She provided me with a supportive audience eager to listen to my struggles with the medical community and she validated my feelings, thought, and actions. During my labor your presence gave me the confidence to keep going. Although things didn’t turn out the way I had wanted, she never made me believe that I had done anything wrong, or that I could have done anything differently. She was a non-stop cheerleader in my efforts to breastfeed, yet when I finally stopped trying, she was completely supportive and non-judgemental about my decision. She actively rejected my attempts to see her as an expert in pediatrics and more than once outright told me to call my pediatrician. Many people love to be consulted for their advice and give it even when they’re not qualified to. It takes a strong and confident person to resist that temptation. I suspect that she doesn’t know the good she spreads in the world, and I’m not silly for being sad at so much good moving so far away.”

-Rachel Schwartz, first time mom

I have love, appreciation and deepest respect for Augustine Daniels. The first day I met her, I was so impressed. The faith in me, a total stranger, that I saw reflected in her eyes that day is what convinced me that I could really birth this baby the way I want, despite what everyone else around me thinks is possible, normal, or safe. I so appreciate all that she has done to make this transition in my life as meaningful as possible. Augustine and all the women she has introduced me to though, books, videos, and the class have inspired me to want to help others in the same way. I will cherish our encounter the way precious things should be cherished.

Muhsana Asana - mother of two

“Just the fact that this is my first baby is overwhelming and scary, I don’t know what labor pain is and so I took great comfort in the exercises, techniques, and skills that were taught. It opened up a whole new window of exploration for me, both of labor pain and of my typical reaction to pain. These classes influenced my husband’s attitude toward labor/birth and our relationship, Now he listens attentively and realizes a woman’s body can do wondrous things. He is becoming my guardian. My attitude changed too because now instead of being scared of unknowns, I know in my body how to cope and follow my instinctual signals, and I also know to embrace unwished for surprises and do what ever my labor and birth demand. I really feel Augustine did a wonderful job! She has so much knowledge and experience, I can listen to her for hours. But instead she encourages us to listen to ourselves! I wouldn’t have changed anything of the class, it was perfect. I will, in fact, recommend Augustine to any pregnant woman I know so they too can learn and grow as much as I did!”

-Theresa Konig, 1st time mom

" Augustine's guidance through Birthing From Within, not only was fun and informative, but she helped me look deep inside myself, further than I had ever gone, which gave me the courage to have the birth experience that I so desired. Birthing from Within and being mentored by Augustine was a life changing experience. I would recommend every pregnant couple take this class, no mater what their birthing plans might be!"

- Caroline Petit

When Augustine Daniels left New Jersey it was a strikingly blow to the birth community. As a labor support doula I have worked with Augustine for many years including recommending my clients to her Birthing From Within classes. Those who attended her classes handled the challenges of labor remarkably well. So much so that I started to give a discount to anyone attending her classes. She is a talented and gifted birth professional. I highly recommend her classes.

Crystal Sada, CD (DONA)


Augustine has inspired me as a Birthing From Within mentor and birth doula through our years of friendship.  She encourages and helps those around her to be continually involved and up to date in women's advocacy.  And most importantly, Augustine continually presents new ways to encourage women and their partners to believe in themselves and in the process of birth as normal natural, healthy and joyous experience in their lives and the lives of their children.  Thank you, Augustine, for all that you do.

 Ellen Felley, RN, CD(DONA), Lamaze educator and BFW mentor

Our experience with Augustine was not only informational, it was empowering. After having the Birthing From Within Course with Augustine we were able to create a birth plan and feel prepared for anything. After being with her, natural childbirth became our clear expectation and our ultimate goal. She helped us realize that in childbirth there will always be surprises and aspects you can not control; however, first time parents can have the clarity and power to make their own decisions. Augustine taught us that being clear on your personal desires and flexible in the face of the unknown would lead us to have a great birth experience. Giving birth to our first child was one of the most empowering events in my life and this is partially due to the preparation and kindness that Augustine naturally shares.

Nancy Bensen, first time mother to Noah

Augustine is a true Birth Warrior. She will do her best to help you have a beautiful birth experience. Her professional and technical knowledge will help you make the most informed decisions about your birth choices. You can trust Augustine's wisdom and experience; and trust is one of the most important requirements for any birth attendant. She recognizes that birth is not a medical event but a rite of passage that every mother has the right to claim. This class we took with her helped us both discuss our fears and anxiety about labor. My husband really took on the role of guardian. Labor is hard but I did it

-Dorothy, new mother

“These classes broadened our discussions about labor and birth procedures. It gave me an idea of what I could do to help during labor to protect the birth space.”

- Mike, new father

“I want to open in labor; open to the love I have for my new family, open to the baby coming out, and open to my new role as mother. I see this birth as a butterfly emerging from a cocoon of love. Augustine has helped me to see the opening that is taking place within me already. These classes have helped me to know how to birth my baby from within.”

- Carmen, expectant mother“

I want to support my wife in labor, the hands represent me holding her and the baby up. The light blue is all that is unknown, but the blue and purple lines are my wife’s strength reaching up above the pain.”

- Dan, expectant father

I really want to thank YOU, Augustine, because talking to you gave me the final nudge I was wanting, to make a decision that was truly right for me. The videos helped too!

-Brenda, New mother

After taking Augustine Daniel's Art of Birthing class, my husband and I were so prepared for our son Thomas' birth. No other class could have better prepared me to deal with the pain of childbirth . I know that without having taken this class I never would have had birth experience that I wanted. The pain coping exercises help me to find my own personal way of dealing with pain and helped my husband to better understand my needs. Not only did my husband and I have a better birth after taking her class, but we felt closer to one another than we ever had. She helped us to understand birth as the spiritual and emotional experience that it was meant to be. She also provided valuable information which helped us to make many important decisions. All in all her class and practice was a wonderful experiece that we will not soon forget.

-Melissa, new mother


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