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palaniappan meenakshisundaram



74 Thiyagigal Road
Devakottai, Tamilnadu 630302
T: 914561 272336 / 91 9443024596
F: 91 452 2341596


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We have invented and patented an herbal formulation for control of AIDS /HIV after a research and survey of seven years and it is marketed as ARV CAPSULES ,manufactured by GMP certified company of thity years of existence and excellence at MADRAS ,India and it is microbes free and it can be imported as FOOD SUPPLEMENT for Aids patients and it works well even without any conventional anti virals .web site arvherbals.com can be seen for case details and basic pathology of hiv

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The clinical improvement can be seen within 2 weeks by cessation of fever and toxemia and URI and GIT DISTURBANCES, and weight gain by 4 th week and disappearance of red spots of oral cavity and ulcerative gingivitis and an overall sense of satisfaction can be seen 2nd month and molluscum contagiosum will vanish by 3rd month and so also any lymphoma etc.It is well tolarated and nontoxic even on prolonged consumption and exceeded doses and also patient friendly and it costs only Rs 450 per month in INDIA

Philosophy and Comments        

It is purely HERBAL and microbes free and manufactured under GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE AND it works well under genuine vegetarian diet and even without eggs and its products. I am an allopathic medical practitioner of 30 years experience and with a keen interest in HERBAL management of Aids . The other opportunistic infections have to be taken care of as and when required appropriately.

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I have invented and patented an herbal combination for treatment of AIDS/HIv after a reserach and study of seven years with commonly used herbals since centuries and found surprising success and early recovery clinically supported by CD 4 cell count even without any conventional anti retroviral therapy and its added complications and improvement can be observed according to WHO guide lines and it is under use and trial at various hospitals and elsewhere. It costs only RS 450 per month in INDIA

FOR EXPORT        

THE ARV CAPSULES can be imported by all countries as FOOD SUPPLEMENT







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