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Arvada, CO 80004
United States
T: 303-431-1291
F: 303-403-4321




Serene and Associates


Low Moisture/Dry Extraction, Restorative-Maintenance for Commercial and Residential carpets. Our process improves Indoor Air Quality with Natural Biodegradable ingredients. We use a "Dry" compound that has a very small amount of solvent, not a detergent. Carpets, once cleaned, are ready for use immediately!

Profile and Credentials        

Serene and Associates has been cleaning carpets for 17yrs. We also are expanding are future by continung our education by classes and schools for being more of a "Total Carpet Consultant" than just a carpet cleaner.

Philosophy and Comments        

A carpet isn't "clean" until it is dry and ready to use.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our schedule and office hours are 7 days a week 6 a.m.- 7 .p.m. We do have a minimum charge of $50.00 and serve the denver metro area for now. Check out our webpage for more information and links to carpet cleaning questions or give us a call.





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