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Ash Devine


Ash Has been performing solo for six years, but she performs with other musicians here and there. Ash sings from the heart everytime. Her insightful activist blood driven songs captivates audiences.

Profile and Credentials        

Ash is from Blacksburg V,A where she taught herself guitar and started performing by the age of thirteen. Ash's most direct influences were local (Blacksburg) Old Time musicians who she grew up listening to. Ash has a history of performing at countless benefit and activist events, some of which she was personally invited to.

Ash has also been involved in organizing for benefit concerts and events such as: Domestic Violence Fund Raiser, Musicians Showcase, Open Mic Nights, Take Back the Night Rally.

Ash Devine has shared the stage with many other great artists as well.

Here are just a couple examples :

Floyd Fest (floyd, VA) 2002 and 2005! (inluding Doc Watson and David Grisman '02 )

School of Americas Protset(ft. benning GA) '02
(including the Indigo Girls and Pete Seager '03)

Philosophy and Comments        

I play music for the love of writing and performing. Through singing publically I hope to inspire people to become involved in strengthening the current feminist, civil rights and environmental movement. Since the age of twelve, I have dreamed of recording and touring the world as a musician. I believe that Music is Life. Music is the most universal type of communication. There for, we should use our music to communicate peace. I believe that through music we can reach out to our communities and get people inspired to "be the change they want to see in the world(ghandi)." Music might be our only salvation in this world of chaos and war.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I am available for music ANYTIME.

Fees are negotiable.





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