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Kim Bloomer



Albuquerque, NM 87109
United States
T: 505-440-2691






"Where Seeing Your Pets Good Bloom Is What We're All About!
Kim Bloomer - Natural Pet Care Consultant

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Profile and Credentials        

I have over 30 years of caring for and working with pets, including in a variety of professions such as veterinary medicine, kennels, grooming. I have also worked with humans as a trainer in gyms. I have been self experimental in the field of nutrition and wellness and have learned that the natural approach is the best approach for me and my pets. To help others attain the same wellness for themselves and their pets is my desire. Brand new custom-blended flower essence blend exclusive to Aspenbloom:

RECEIVING KINDNESS - AT LAST! was brought about because of my strong compassion and love for abused and neglected animals. I wanted a product that would help bring healing to these animals, help them to be able to receive the kindness and love from their new owners .

Philosophy and Comments        

Bark 'n' Blog...nuttin' but the dog in me! Shadrach the Neo Mastiff and friends blog about natural pet care from THEIR perspective! is now ready so please go take a look and subscribe for free at
Aspenbloom WellPet

Here is an explanation on the "channel" I am using in lieu of an email newsletter and with all the "can spam" law hassles this is a far better way to go

"So we have moved away from email publishing to a new RSS based technology called Quikonnex. As a subscriber, you control what you subscribe to, when you read it, and you have true interactive capabilities. Comment on articles. CONTACT ME (two-way-messaging) your publisher without email. You're in control. This is a newer publishing forum and it will take time to grow, but we're in it for the long haul to provide a more secure, responsive reader base and more original, useful content."

The above paragraph was written by my friend and partner in Kick The Email Habit, Cathy Carlton

My goal is to help pet owners take a holistic,proactive,informed approach to the care of their pets.
Much of the information you will see in on my channel will be from professionals in the area of nutrition and wellness. Shadrach will offer tips on caring for your pets in a preventative manner - BEFORE your pets get sick. Included will be lots of resources, links, etc., to help you help your pets. Private Messenger

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Kim Bloomer's portal site        

Introducing my new pet care website and services at Aspenbloom Pet Care

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