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Laura Gauthier



71 Dickson Street, Cambridge Ontario
Cambridge, ONT Canada
T: 519.620.0262


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Aura Care


Aura Care is a company based on the principal that all good health is achieved through intentional and perpetual self care. A balance of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual focused living allows for such health. Aura Care strives to provide education, services and hand made products to aid in the achievement of this balance.

Profile and Credentials        

Laura Gauthier, the founding member of the Aura Care Center, the Aura Care Academy, and Aura Care Creations is herself an Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, a Sound Healer and an Intuit.

She has studied Reiki intensively and is honoured to be able to share with the world what she has learned.

Having received teachings in Ecstatic drumming, Laura enjoys using the rhythm of the Earth in her healings and workshops to aid in meditation and relaxation.

Laura has a strong connection with her Guides and has received a great deal of communication intuitively for herself and her clients throughout her practice.

With several years experience working with abused youth, Laura has a profound understanding of the suffering taking place in her community. She would like nothing more then to come together with more local healers to aid in the creation of a more peaceful and love-filled society. Laura offers Reiki Shares monthly with this intention.

Philosophy and Comments        

A variety or services are offered by Aura Care including; teachings in Reiki, Meditation, Aura Reading, Drumming, Intuition Enhancement and general counselling. Aura Care also creates natural products by hand to aid in your healing process.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Aura Care is located in Cambridge Ontario, and a practitioner is available daily after 1pm. Fees can be found on our website as they vary based on treatment.

The Aura Care Academy lists their worshop and class schedules online as well.

Presently an ongoing open workshop in Community Drum Cirlces is being held every Sunday at 3pm.





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