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Donna Aiken



Perry, MI 48872
United States
T: 517-625-4750




Aura Center


Aura Center uses biofeedback and aura imaging photography in offering aura and chakra photos and written analysis. We also offer energy therapy (Reiki, Esoteric, Ama Deus) with visual confirmation, and are distributors of the Aura Video Station.

We specialize in offering a unique alternative for wedding showers, graduations, and other events. We are flexible, and will develop a program specifically for your needs. We also offer personal consultations.

Contact us at daiken@match.org or call Donna at 517-625-4750.

Profile and Credentials        

Aura Center is owned by Donna Aiken. Donna is a Reiki Master, as well as experienced in the use of other energy modalities. Aura analysis is a great assistance to energy therapy.

Aura Center is an authorized distributor of the Aura Imaging Equipment.

Philosophy and Comments        

Aura Center was formed to educate people about the human energy field (aura), and to raise awareness about the possibilities of self-healing, and non-intrusive healing methods. We use biofeedback and aura imaging equipment called the Aura Video Station to read, analyze and display on screen the human energy field (aura) along with the energy centers (chakras). Aura photos and written analysis are for educational and entertainment purposes only. We do not diagnose disease or provide medical treatments.

It is our goal to provide a fun, interesting, and useful experience to all of our customers.

We are a mobile operation located in Mid Michigan, and enjoy working at various locations. If you would like us to make our services available in your home, place of business, or special event you can reach us at:

(517) 625-4750 (Donna) or email daiken@match.org

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours are by appointment.





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