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Deborah Simone ,LM.



PO Box 14282
San Francisco, CA 94114
United States
T: 41415-835-0663


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Awakenings Birth Services


We are a homebirth practice of three midwives. All care is in your home. We see clients in San Francisco, and the East Bay. The practice was concieved in 1996 , when it was Dana Fox , and Deborah Simone, our newest addition is Juli Tilsner as of 2004. Besides homebirth we do well woman care , Childbirth Education, Fertility Counseling , and postpartum doula work .

Profile and Credentials        

We are traditional midwives, Deborah and Dana being LM's and Juli being a CPM . We limit our client base to 4 births per month , so that we can give excellent care , and are never at the risk of us not being available to you and your family . There are always 2 of us at your birth .

Philosophy and Comments        

We offer excellent guidance and care throughout the childbearing year, and beyond. Our relationship with you is collaborative, and based on trust. You are, first and foremost ,your own caregivers, and we are there to support your individual needs .Among the services we provide are, VBAC, waterbirth, family centered childbirth preparation, expert nutritional guidance, and time ! Our prenatals, in your home , run about one and a half hours on average.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Prenatals,run on the standard prenatal schedule , Monday - Friday We have a very expanded postpartum schedule , as we want you to be as supported as possible during the most precious, and important time in your family's life cycle .





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