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Azure Inspired


A Journey Within the Flower, Azure Inspired invites you to travel the journey within 2B, through the reflections of seeing inside out versa (outside in). Within www.azureinspired.com you will find many healing and channel paintings, articles, 2B gear, and the lastest addition is 'The Channel' area where you are invited to post and share. Azure Inspired 2B

Profile and Credentials        

I am so glad we have been given this opportunity to share this space and energies with you. When thinking about writing a Bio for this web site I finally became very silent and for those that know me personally, you know that those moments don't come very often. I checked out what other artists had written for Bio and found them writing about what they had accomplished in their lives and then I thought about my life and thought what could be said that hasn't already been said. This is what occurred to me, it really doesn't matter who I am personally, what does matters is who I am striving 2B. We all have our own stories of what we have accomplished and what we have yet to accomplish. So I will share with you for a few minutes and focus on what I intend to accomplish in the days ahead. My desire of my heart is to add my small piece of the puzzle to every one elses small pieces of the puzzle and form this beautiful picture within Our Lives. At first, this seems 2B a large task at hand, trying to unite the World, but then the thought crossed my mind of the One Heart. and how we are all connected to each other. Then I understood it 2B not a large task, it would become a labor of Love, where we all join hands and celebrate this life that we were so freely given. So with the One Heart we shall do this together At this time I would like to Thank everyone for their encouragement to share my small part. The many that have helped me to start to learn who I am, either by their support or non-support will always be remembered with Love. Each has played a major part in my life allowing me the opportunity to grow into The Flower, which is spoken of so often. I look forward to traveling with you on this journey within 2B while we learn to see from the inside out versa (outside in). Azure Inspired 2B

Philosophy and Comments        

... A Real Story Upon the River of Life ... as told to us by the Angels of Love Many times, humans have walked this Garden Path, only to find themselves lost, Not recognizing The Path or their surroundings. This is the case that I have found myself in. Knowing that I came here for a reason and had beforehand agreed to do a mission. But once I had arrived, the memory of all of this left me. So in living this wonderful life, I have come to an Age where my surroundings are saying Wake Up and Travel "This Journey Within The Flower". So within this space I invite you to come and take a Walk with me. Along the way we may sit under the Big Oak Tree and rest for a while. But our Plans are to Journey Within The Flower and fully become the Garden of this Life Time and Walk hand in hand into the next Dimension.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Being a freelance artists have given me the opportunity to do what I love to do and that is paint. I am currently in search of a company to print my art work, all of my work is done with Paint Shop Pro 9 and the newer additions are at a Resolution 600 x 600. You may contact me through my web site.

Azure Shop        

We have T-Shirts and Hats for sale,
Embark On The Journey and The Power Who U R, both sayings comes in med, Large, and x-large with a choice of pocket or no pocket T-Shirts. Our hats are navy with white letter, embroidery with the saying 2B. To order please visit www.azureinspired.com




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