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Mary Kim-Garrity



182 Summer Street and 6 Grove Street
Kingston and Norwell, MA United States
T: 781-585-1188
F: 781585-0651


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Back & Body Pilates Studios


The most Comprehensive Pilates Instructor training program in the industry. We are a one stop shop for individuals who are interested in a lucrative and satisfying career or adding to their high caliber credentials. Our course includes 100 hours of lecture, 100 hours of observation, 100 hours of practice time (your Pilates workouts), 200 hours of teaching time, 200 hours of observation and practice time. All hours are taught utilizing the mat, barrels, Wunda chairs, cadillac and reformer. The lecture and coursework can all be done within our studios. Norwell and Kingston MA. Joseph Pilates meant for new clients to start Pilates on the equipment not on the mat. When he developed his original 34 mat exercises he realized that most people are not strong or flexible enough to execute them safely. Thus he invented each piece of equipment which then helped his client execute the exercises with assistance and risk of injury. Our studios offer over 180 hours per week of classes, private Pilates, duets, trios, bad back clinic, muscle release therapies and masterclasses. We have dozens of clients who know the benefits of Pilates because the have seen and felt the difference within their own bodies. You will come out of this course equipped to personalize a Pilates workout for an individual based on their bodies personal needs. Your clients will feel taller, less achy, younger and thankful to your for helping them to enhance their quality of life.

Profile and Credentials        

Mary Kim-Garrity is the studio owner and Program Director for The Pilates Insitute. Her studios were named "Studio of the Year" for Excellence by the Pilates Foundation International. Mary is also winner of the prestigious Best of Boston award for Best Instructor. Stating "Mary teaches with style, a sharp wit and a keen sense of what her client's body needs..." PBS has also recognized her by including her as a consultant for the show "Get a life." Mary is a member of The Pilates Method Alliance, The Pilates Foundation, The American College of Sports Medicine and The American Council on Exercise.

Philosophy and Comments        

The human body is a miraculous thing. However when neglected, it looses its precision, function and grace. But the good news is, it has a memory. When taken care of through exercise, muscle therapies and Pilates. The body regains its precision, function and its grace. It is never too late to start. Many chiropractors, neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons recommend my Pilates program and Bad Back clinics to their patients. We work with clients ages 8 through 80 something. My oldest client is in his eighties and drives to Massachussets from Manhatten once or twice per month to get a tune up. His body has the function of the average 25 year old. But unlike my client, the average 25 year old cannot successfuly compete in the Ironman Triathalon.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Instructor training course is $3995. Books and exam are extra. We have payment plans for 6 or 12 months. This course is for people who want a career change in an industry that is in it's infancy. After the coursework hours are complete, you will be able to charge $60-100 per hour. Plus you can set your own hours. We have hired some of the elite who have come through this course. Serious applicants only!

Pilates Class Schedules & Rates        

Our studio classes begin at 5:45am and end at 815pm. We offer over 180 hours of programming each week.

Pilates Intro Package: Internet Special $99. This includes your two private sessions. Classes on the equipment with 4-8 participants and one teacher with over 500 hours of training and hundreds of hours of teaching experience.

Hot Yoga Classes        

Classes held daily in a beautiful, soothing, sound proof heated room that will intensify the benefits of yoga.

Internet Special: $79 per month of unlimited classes. Intro to yoga package $99 membership fee and first month of unlimited yoga classes

Pilates Instructor Training Manuals        

The manuals for the most comprehensive Pilates Instructor training course.


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