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P.O. Box 648
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Spirits Evolving, Ltd.


Spirits Evolving provides intuitive consultations, publications, guidance,
and resources for individuals and groups pursuing spiritual growth,
personal awareness, and a greater level of contentment.

Profile and Credentials        

Intuitive Consultant Lee Channing is a Certified Hypnotherapist with more than 30 years' experience in energy work with individuals, groups, and businesses.

Stunned by her vivid clairvoyant episodes, Lee Channing spent many years researching psychic phenomena with a view toward honing her abilities to guide others with her insights.

In 1993, Channing co-founded Spirits Evolving, Ltd. to promote greater understanding of the personal and universal energy affecting our lives at home and in the workplace. Using self-awareness, color, and creative visualization, Channing helps individual clients open the door to their own energy source while corporate and business clients benefit from a pragmatic, intuitive analysis of strategic initiatives.

Creating Speaking Spiritually, a monthly publication, is one of Channing�s favorite roles in the company. Speaking Spiritually is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and intuitive living in which Channing publishes her perception of universal energy flow, her creative visualizations, and excerpts from her International Intuitive Advice Column. Her column appears on the award-winning Spirits Evolving� website.

Individual clients report that Lee Channing's ability to glean information on an intuitive level is a great source of support and guidance on their path to greater success, self-awareness, and contentment. "Finding one's own energy source, understanding it, and nurturing its growth are important steps on everyone's spiritual path," Channing says, "and it is my mission to help individuals and businesses move forward."

Whether for an individual or a business, Channing evaluates and interacts with the energy at hand, and provides an analysis of the situation and a description of the options available to promote an environment conducive to growth.

Working with grace and enthusiasm, Channing opens an internal dialogue that creates the space and opportunity for the discovery of our center � what she likes to call our "place of balance."

Echoing the words of Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, she quotes, "There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena, only very large gaps in our knowledge of what is natural.�

Philosophy and Comments        

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