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Beth Molaro, Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner



Asheville, NC 28803
United States
T: 828-277-4068


Jin Shin Jyutsu® harmonizes body, mind and spirit. Literally, Jin Shin Jyutsu® means “Art of the Creator expressed through knowing and compassionate man”.

Jin Shin Jyutsu® involves the application of hands for gently balancing the flow of life energy in the body. It is an awakening to awareness of complete harmony within the self and the universe.

This simple, yet incredibly powerful art was rediscovered in Japan in the beginning of the twentieth century by Jiro Murai, and brought to the west by Mary Burmeister in the 1950s.

A Jin Shin Jyutsu® session generally lasts an hour. The work is very gentle with hands placed over the client's clothes and does not involve manipulation, massage or rubbing. As the energy flows freely, the body will heal itself from everyday stress.

While Jin Shin Jyutsu® shares lineage and similar concepts with other energy work and healing modalities like acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu® is exceptionally gentle and non-invasive.

It boosts our own profound healing capacities and thus promotes optimal health, well-being and vitality. It is a valuable complement to conventional healing methods, inducing relaxation and reducing the effects of stress.

Benefits extend well beyond hands-on sessions with a practitioner, as clients learn application of self help geared toward their individual needs.

Profile and Credentials        

Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner
Certified Jin Shin Jyutus® Self Help Instructor
Certification from Jin Shin Jyutsu® Institute, Scottsdale, AZ

Member Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Philosophy and Comments        

Mary Burmeister says it best...." Jin Shin Jyutsu® physio-philosophy awakens our awareness to the simple fact that all that is needed for harmony and balance (rhythm with the universe) physically, mentally, emotionally, digestively and spiritually is within MYSELF.  Through this awareness, the feeling of complete peace, serenity, security, the oneness within, is evident.  No person, situation or thing can take these away from MYSELF.   All fears (the basis of all disharmony) begin to dissipate one by one and all unnecessary burdens are unloaded from our shoulders to make way for the complete harmony within and without. There is no room for  feelings of competition and comparison in our everyday LIVING.  There is only the present state of BE-ing, which already is our 'past' and the foundation of our 'future' ."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Schedule your session today to relax and find inner balance with the dynamic healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu®.

$50/ 1 hour session
$180/ 4 session package (save $20)
$400/ 10 session package (save $100)

Gift Certificates available.





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