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Anita Storr



New York, NY United States
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Beyond 100


Do you anticipate living only 75 or 80 years? An "average" lifespan this may be, but it is not outside of your control to prolong this life--not only by years but by quality. Beyond 100 is a resource dedicated to providing the public with information and products to promote longevity, health and unheard-of vitality. In addition it is an interactive forum for those interested in how to nurture the body, mind and spirit to strength, health and vibrancy. A place for questions, chats, news, and products which protect and nurture.

Profile and Credentials        

Anita Storr has long been associated with many aspects of natural healthy lifestyles leading to greater longevity. She is one of the leading experts in nutrition and alternative health questions through www.asktheexperts.com.

Philosophy and Comments        

Anita says, "I began to live life more consciously, I changed my eating habits, which had been poor since childhood, and sought out a path to healthier living through good nutrition, exercise, especially yoga, and other ways to eliminate toxins from within and outside of my body, I am achieving balance in my life". "I feel energetic, optimistic and much stronger than I did when I was chronologically younger". "I find myself rarely getting ill". "My skin has regained much of the elasticity it had twenty years ago". These gains are not merely cosmetic. By doing her best to establish a toxin-free existence, she finds that she can be a better person. Anita says, "I am happier and healthier in mind and body - and that helps me be more tolerant, patient and generous".

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