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BeyondBody Yoga sm


BeyondBody Yoga sm

Master Your Mind to Improve Your Life

More than being healthy, vibrant, and energized, BeyondBody Yoga helps you learn how your mind works, how it sets up resistance, and how to overcome that resistance...and so create lasting change in your life!

We combine the powerful tools of stretching, strengthening, breath, relaxation and meditation. The result is more energy, greater emotional stability, and better concentration. The body stays strong and the mind is clear and focused even in the face of stress and change.

NEW "Liver Detox Recipe" available.

NEW "Create Lasting Change Program, The Foundation to Change- Mastering your Mind": This 8-week program enables you to see why things work and don't work in your life, which old habits no longer support you, and the tools to change them at the deepest level. Levels I, II & III. (For those serious about creating lasting change.) More details in "Work Hours and Fee Schedule" section below.

What students say: Practicing "has made me feel strong, centered and in control of my life and my emotions." -E.F. "Kundalini allowed me to achieve improved levels of discipline, patience and inner peace." -G.B.

Choose from many NEW programs. See "Work Hours and Fee Schedule" section below.

Profile and Credentials        

Certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga instructor. BA and MA in Psychology from New York University and Columbia University. Received Kundalini teacher certification and training under the guidance of the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan, at the Kundalini Research Institute International. Approved as a Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level. Extensive trainings in White Tantric Yoga since '94, Vipassana Buddhist Meditation since '98, The Mind, Conscious Communication, Conflict Resolution, Divorce Mediation, and Yoga for Children.

Lectured at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, United HealthCare, Viacom, Forbes, Citigroup, NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange, Boeing, Ann Taylor, Adkins Nutritional, University of Pennsylvania, North General Hospital and other corporations, hospitals, and universities. Has been a guest speaker on radio, including WBAI, New York. Produces a yoga and meditation show entitled, "BeyondBody Yoga" on Manhattan Cable TV.

Philosophy and Comments        

Practice is the Willingness to be Present Practicing well does not necessarily mean you are able to perform amazing feats of physical or mental agility. It may help to remember that the postures are merely tools, not an end in themselves. Rather, practice is ultimately the willingness to be present...to being willing to remain present with your love, hate, fear, joy, bliss, or boredom. This then is the most difficult yoga pose.

BeyondBody Yoga offers you the opportunity to experience this body-mind-heart practice, to know the joys of self-acceptance, compassion and patience, to see how to best overcome obstacles, and to more deeply connect with your intuition. BeyondBody Yoga seeks to support your practice off the mat, to enhance how you see and respond to challenges in daily life, to create positive change at the deepest level, and for you to leave with tools that you can use for a lifetime.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Privates, Semi-Privates, Small Groups, and NEW Programs- select what's right for you

Private, Semi-Private, and Small Groups available on your schedule, at your home or office

?Yoga Therapy?- to address your personal goals and needs like stress, back pain, weight management, prosperity, a more loving relationship, etc; ?Yoga to Breathe?- to increase energy and strengthen your immune system; ?The Art of Meditation?- to control your mind; ?Stress Management Yoga at Your Desk?- for tools to reduce stress at work when you need them most; ?Breathwalk?- a powerful way to add breathing and meditation to your walks. Each session is customized to your goals and abilities or for a private group of 6 or more. (For more details, see section "Private and Semi-Private Sessons" below.) Call 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com today.

"Create Lasting Change, The Foundation to Change- Mastering Your Mind" Level I

This 8-week program enables you to understand why things work and don't work in your life, the many obstacles to change, and the tools to root new actions at the deepest level. You join a supportive community of 6 other people every week, have a Daily Practice Guide to stay on track, your personal Health Assessment and Stress Score, your Personal Action Plan, and over 108 keys to overcome resistance to change whenever and wherever you need them.

Our next program begins April-May. Tuition just $345; scholarships available. 3 spaces left; call 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com now to register. (Levels I is a prerequisite for Levels II and III; details and schedules of Levels II & III available.)

"Create Lasting Change, 3 Intensives"

Intensive I "Abundance-Not Just Money" This 3-week program helps you attract versus struggle for a life of abundance! Get a handle on your blueprint that keeps you where you are now. Establish a practice to live at a whole new level! Our next program is Jan 31, Feb 7 & Feb 14. Tuition just $125. No spaces available. (Intensive I has no prerequisite.)

Intensive II "Relationships-Creating the Love You Want" This 3-week program explores the definition of love from our culture, ancient Greece, "wise" children, and more. Discover why, if love is so great and powerful, human relationships are so challenging and difficult...and what you can do to create the love you seek. Our next program is Feb 28, Mar 7, & Mar 14. Tuition just $125. 3 spaces left. Call 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com now to register. (Intensive II has no prerequisite.)

Intensive III "1 + 1 = 1" This 3-week program provides you with a deeper understanding of health and disease, good and evil, and heaven and hell. Guaranteed to get you to think outside the box, shed light on seeming contradictions, and see what you may not have seen before. Our next program is Mar 28, Apr 4 & Apr 11. Tuition is just $125. 2 spaces left. Call 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com today to register. (Intensive III has no prerequisite.)

"Yummies & Yoga"

Want to address that mid-day slump or that just-got-home-and-am-starving emergency? Wish it would taste good AND be good for you? Wish it would give you steady energy versus peak and crash? Then join other no-more-dieting folks on a Saturday afternoon where you begin by shifting your energy doing Yoga & Meditation...and pour that energy into healthy snacks and appetizers. You'll enjoy the fruits of your labor...as well as leave with bags ready for your freezer to keep the physical and mental fires burning at peak performance. Our next program is a Saturday in March (TBD). Tuition is just $45. 1 space left. Call 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com now to register.

"Zen & Tea"

Treat yourself to an afternoon of luxury. Begin with yoga, deep relaxation, and meditation. Benefits include releasing dis-ease and accumulated stress while strengthening your nerves, expanding your lungs, and bathing the inside of your body with nature's best. Then move downstairs to a tea house where this "high" energy flows into the ancient art of "tea tao", a ceremony and tradition started centuries ago in China, Korea and Japan...a ceremony that takes the mundane and makes it sacred. Following the Tea Ceremony, you will delight in the Royal Tea Tray, offering you choices of premium tea, appetizers and desserts. You will depart feeling you have traveled to another space and time. Our next program is a Saturday in March (TBD). Tuition is just $60. 3 spaces left. Call 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com today to register.

"Small Group Yoga & Meditation Classes"

Enjoy personal attention, no competition and no pressure in a quiet, supportive at-home environment. Fridays, 6-7:15 PM. Just $18. Limited to 6 per class. Call 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com now to reserve your space.

Weekend Yoga & Meditation Classes

Every other Sunday, you can join us for a Yoga & Meditation class. Donate what you wish. All proceeds go to the Shanti Scholarship Fund; its goal is to help people who are ready to ?Create Lasting Change? in their life and just need some financial support to start. We began a little more than 3 months ago and have granted 4 $100 scholarships to people beginning Level I. You can nominate anyone. A brief 2-question application is required. All graduates of Level III select the recipient. Next class is Sunday, Feb 18th, 12:15 PM. Limited to 6 per class. Call 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com today to reserve your space.

F-r-e-e Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Also, every other Sunday, we sponsor Tibetan Buddhist Meditation. We meditate, for example, to purify the ?five poisons?- anger, jealousy, attachment, greed and ignorance; or meditate on the antidote to pride to develop humility, purify negativities, and accumulate merit. It?s simple yet rich. Next class is Sunday, Feb 18th at 11 AM. Just call and let us know you?ll be joining us.

Opportunities to Expand Your Human Family

A group of us served Thanksgiving meals at a homeless shelter and delivered Christmas meals for a senior center. We are planning other activities throughout the year. It?s an opportunity to expand and reach out to your Human Family while enjoy your Yoga Family. All are welcome. If interested, let me know and I?ll send you the specifics.

*Some discounts available for pre-payment of series; ask for details

*Accept HIP and Oxford Insurance

*Special music, natural oils and other health products available

*Cable TV Show- 3rd Tuesday of every month at 8 PM, Channel 57 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network

To register or for more information, contact Michele Risa at 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com.

Beyondbody Yoga...Master Your Mind to Improve Your Life...so you can have fun creating your life!

Private and Semi-Private Sessions:        

Choose a program that fits your needs

"Yoga Therapy" Based on your health history and goals, this private, customized session addresses your personal objectives and/or medical symptoms. We've worked with many issues, including stress, lower back pain, and migraine headaches...high blood pressure, lung disorders, cancer, and memory impairment...anxiety, fear, and depression... weight-management, insomnia, and jet-lag. In addition, you will receive a Personalized Guide to help you maintain an on-going practice.

"Yoga to Breathe" Open to all sizes, fitness, conditions and age, this class provides the benefits of yoga while sitting in a chair. The exercises are specifically selected to increase oxygen in the lungs, mucous linings, blood vessels and cells, enhance circulation, and strengthen metabolism. Since disease doesn?t easily thrive in a highly oxygenated environment, the result is a stronger resistance to illness. Additionally, the exercises help increase strength and endurance.

"The Art of Meditation" The art of meditation is to control the mind. If you do not direct your mind, your mind will direct you. And if your own mind refuses to obey you, how can the universe obey you? How can anyone obey you? Experience mastery of the reactive mind, enhancing joy, prosperity, health, and emotional stability. See how the physical/mental practice revitalizes healing, reduces pain, and improves your quality of life.

"Stress Management Yoga at your Desk" Stiff neck? Achy back? Cloudy mind? This class addresses these symptoms by focusing on the upper body, neck and shoulders, working on the muscles of the upper arm, dissolving calcium deposits, and adjusting the ribcage and lower vertebra of the neck. Other exercises increase oxygen to the brain for enhanced short-term memory and clarity. You work the lymphatic system, stretch the spine, and strengthen the nervous system to improve your ability to deal with pressure and stress. With this approach, you can apply the tools you learn in class right at your desk when you need them most.

"Breathwalk" Another approach to accessing vitality is breathing, walking, and meditation. Used together, they create the science and art called Breathwalk. By learning how to consciously breathe and walk, you can elevate your mood, command your energy levels, and shift your mental gears, as you need.

Choose a program that's tailored to your needs. Contact Michele Risa at 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com today!

Four Components within Each Group Class        

1) Warm-ups to stretch, shift and align energy, increase circulation, stimulate gland secretion, change brain chemistry, and set into motion a vibratory frequency; 2) Breath exercises to expand lung capacity, clean the blood, and release toxins; 3) Relaxation to distribute energy and promote healing; 4) Meditation to offer you the opportunity to practice staying present, being the observer, and "seeing" how you relate in the moment to every situation presented to you. In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, we begin with words that calm the mind to be open and receptive, and end with words to help you integrate the benefits of the practice.

Group Class: "Yoga to Master the Mind"For those seeking both a physical and mental work out, this class challenges you with repeated, simple movements that require physical resolve and mental concentration to redirect the habit patterns of the reactive mind. With practice, the body and the mind come into balance, the mind becomes clearer and more stable, and your "emotional commotion" is replaced with equanimity.Contact Michele Risa at 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com to register today.


Practice: If possible each day, or at least 3 times per week. It's preferable to do a shorter time daily than commit to a longer time and not do it. Benefits: personal strength, perseverance, sharpness, intuition, dignity, and grace.Take a few minutes to either say a personal prayer, affirmation or goal setting. Focus especially on what you hope to achieve during this session of your Practice, your quality time with you, and this day.Tune In: "Ong" 3 times; "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" said 3 times.Try to keep your eyes closed and focused up towards your 3rd eye point throughout the exercises. Try to reduce being distracted...remember you're listening to you so give yourself your undivided attention!Try to combine the trilogy of movement, breath, and the silent sound, "Sat" as inhale, "Nam" as exhale.At the end of each, pause as you hold the posture and breath for 5-10 seconds, focus inward, and then exhale.1. Sciatic Stretch: Seated, legs out straight; inhale leaning back 20 degrees, exhale bend from the hips, arms extended, palms facing each other, thumbs up. Contract thighs so hamstrings relax. To end, reach forward to hold your toes, ankles or calves. Ease into the stretch. Breath of Fire.2. Improve Digestion/Elimination: Hold knees and grind your stomach in a big slow circle counterclockwise around the circumference of the knees. Elongate your lower back. Reverse directions.3. Spinal Flexes: Spine straight, hands hold your shins equidistant between the ankles and knees. As inhale, push chest out front as draw shoulder blades together; as exhale, push lower spine back. Use your arm strength to facilitate the flexion motion of your spine. Try not to bob your head. 4. Expand Lungs & Oxygenate Blood: Do Spinal Flexes as above, however: hold onto your knees, place your tongue behind your upper teeth, and as move, hold breath until you need to exhale. Work up to 1 minute.5. Spinal Twists: Arms out to sides at shoulder height, bend elbows so forearm at 90 degree angle, thumb and index finger pressed together. As inhale, twist torso and head to the left, as exhale twist to the right. 6. Release Tension with Shoulder Rolls & Shrugs: Roll shoulders forward, down and back, inhaling as roll up, exhale as roll down. Reverse rotation. Then shrug shoulders, inhaling up, exhaling down.7. Increase Oxygen to Brain & Improve Communication with Head Roll: Face left and rotate head counterclockwise in a circle, making the circumference as wide around ears as possible, inhaling as go up the wall and across the ceiling, exhaling down opposite wall and across floor. Rotate 5 times then reverse direction. As face forward, inhale and stretch head back slightly, exhale drawing chin towards chest. As face left, inhale, as face right, exhale; do 3 times. Facing forward inhale, and as bring ear towards shoulder exhale; do both sides 3 times.8. For Nervous System, 1/2 Bridge: Lie on back with knees bent and arms at sides. As inhale, lift hips up (as step on feet) and raise arms behind you so they're next to your ears. As exhale, lower hips and return arms to sides. To end, raise hips, place shoulders under you, interlace fingers under buttocks, Breath of Fire.9. For Nervous System, Full Bridge: Sit up, keeping knees bent, feet on floor, hands behind back, fingers pointing away from you. Lift hips, head back, Breath of Fire.10. Strengthen Navel/Power Center: Lie on back with head and heels 6 inches off floor. Put hands under buttocks, palms down for lower back support. Eyes open, looking at feet. Breath of Fire.11. Stimulate Thyroid with Tuck: Hug knees into chest, tuck nose between knees. Breath of Fire.12. For Spine, Rock 'n Roll: Hugging knees to chest, roll forward and back on spine. End in plow, with legs behind your head or shoulder stand legs above you.13. For Charisma, Opening your Heart, Eagle Pose: Sit cross-legged, arms at 60-degree angle, fingertips pressed into the mounds at the base of the fingers, thumbs pointing up. Breath of Fire. 14. Balance Brain: Arms straight out to sides, palms up, Breath of Fire.15. De-stress Twist: Legs straight in front. Bend left leg over right, placing left foot on floor. Inhale and raise arms over ears as lengthen spine. As exhale, twist to left, pressing right elbow outside left knee and left hand on floor just behind your sacrum. Hold. Slowly roll down to floor. Repeat on other side.16. "T" Twist: Lie on back, knees bent, feet on floor, and arms out to sides in a "T." Raise hips up and lower to left as knees fall right; face left as keep shoulders on floor. Do other side.Relax by lying down and paying attention to your breath...release and let go.Come benefit from the supportive energy of our group. Contact Michele Risa at 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com.

40-Day Prosperity Meditation, Nutritional Tip, & More        

"If God has written with His own hands that you shall live under misfortune, then by doing Subagh Kriya, this meditation, you can turn your misfortune into prosperity, fortune and good luck." YBHaving Tuned-In, sit in easy pose. 1. Hit the Moon (pinkie) sides of your hands and then the Jupiter (index) sides. Hit hard. Chant "Har" pronouncing the "r" as a "d". Look at the tip of your nose. 3 minutes. 2. Stretch your arms up to 60 degrees, open your fingers wide so totally hard. Then cross your arms in front of your face, left first then right. Keep your arms straight. 3 minutes. 3. Make a fist around your thumb (Ego), press it hard. Arms at 60 degrees, moving arms in small circles so the entire spine shakes. (Sometimes lifting yourself from the ground.) With each circle you make, chant "G-O-D" from the navel. 3 minutes. 4. Bend your arms at the waist, hands in front, palms facing in. Right hand outside, left hand inside. Move hands up and down a few inches as if chopping (cut your karma forever). Chant: Har Haray Haree Wahay Guru...from the navel and make sure your tongue hits the upper palate. Use your breath...burn the disease...change the metabolism. After 2 minutes, whisper for 30 seconds. In the last 30 seconds, whistle. 5. Arms in front at should height. Bend the arms at the elbows, palms down, left arm under, right arm over. Don't let the arms fall; keep them parallel to the ground; spine straight. Close your eyes. Breathe long and deep: inhale 10 seconds, hold for 10 seconds, exhale for 10 seconds. Work up to 20 seconds each segment so breathing once per minute.Come radiate and resonate with us! Contact Michele Risa at 212 889-4986 or e-mail MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com now.
Nutritional Tip: Enjoy eating...slow down and CHEW...then you won't binge to fill the void.
For more tips, sign up for the weekly newsletter, "Food For Thought" by emailing MRisa@BeyondBodyYoga.com
Would you like some honest and reliable resources for both personal health and professional support?
Contact:Peter Sansone for spine and joint pain: DrPeterSansone@verizon.net, Kristy Iris for "fizom, modern feng shui": www.fiztip@fizom.com, Larry Sharpe for sales and service training: www.neo-sage.com

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