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Christina Montana



PO Box 102
Fairfax Station, VA 22039
United States
T: 703-946-6973


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Christina Montana


I perform Shamanic Healing Journeys for both people and animals. Through journeys, I am also able to bring back messages from deceased animals. These have been some of the most powerful journeys. Animal Communication can be done as a "house visit," if you are in the Northern Virginia area or by phone if you are out of this region. Past life information for animals and people is something I've just started doing, so no request is unreasonable if it's important to you and/or your animal. I teach workshops on Shamanic Journeying and Star Journeying. The latter is advanced shapeshifting. I also do small group Animal Communication workshops.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been actively doing Healing and Shamanic Information-Gathering Journeys for the past 8 years. My professional training was under two shamans trained by Michael Harner. However, I am certain that I have been doing this ever since I was a child. My Animal Communication practice developed out of my Shamanic practice and a lifelong love and respect for animals. I was trained by Penelope Smith, and it was an extraordinary experience at one of her workshops that confirmed this work for me.

Philosophy and Comments        

"I'm not sure when I experienced my first Big Sky Spirit moment, but I remember feeling it as a child on walks through the woods, while sitting under a tree, holding a stone in the palm of my hand, hearing the hoot of an owl, spending time with an animal. A Big Sky moment fills you with a sense of peace, connection and awe. I've spent my life seeking these moments, stringing them together like pearls on a necklace. Communicating with animals and shamanic journeying are two of my pearls."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I'm available 9am to 7pm EST.
Animal Communication Fees are $65/hour.
Shamanic Journeying for People Fees $95/Hour. Please see my www.bigskyspirit.com website for a more detailed range of fees as phone fees are less and structured differently. I look forward to working with you and your animal.





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