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Hilcia Duarte



700 meters to the left of Frank's Pl.
Mal Pais, 88888
United States


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Blue Jay Lodge


For beach and nature lovers, the quiet seaside village of Mal Pais has it all - surfing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, horseback riding, ocean fishing.

Nearby Cabo Blanco National Park and Nature Reserve, birdwatching, wildlife, swimming and sunbathing, and some of the most intense sunsets in Costa Rica! Come vacation with us at the Blue Jay Eco Lodge and feel the elegance of nature at it's finest!

Profile and Credentials        

The Blue Jay hotel, 200 metres from the beach is an ideal location. With its cabins set in the mountain, its ancient and large trees like natural skyscrapers, sheltering monkeys and birds in its generous nature. It will welcome you and make your holidays unforgettable. And the nights… Partying… or absolute relaxation, listening to the sound of the sea… You choose. Reinvent your life… Paradise is waiting for you.

Philosophy and Comments        

We believe that the finest way to see Costa Rica is surrounded by it's natural beauty and tranquility. We have built our eco resort with a focus on keeping the natural vegetation alive and the animals welcome, providing a peaceful and solitary feel.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

The rates for the high season are: (full breakfast included)

From 1 December 2005 to 30 April 2006

2 people : $85 + taxes

additional people:

3 person :$20

4 person :$15

The rates for the low season are: (full breakfast included)

From 1 May 2005 to 30 November 2005

2 people : $55 + taxes

additional people:

3 person :$13

4 person :$10

Cancellation policy:

0% charge for room cancellation 15 days prior to reservation date.

(not valid for Christmas and New Year's week)

25% charge for room cancellation 8 days before reservation date.

100% charge for not showing up.


Mal Pais is accessible by car by taking the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera, and then continuing on to Mal Pais.

By air, your can fly to Tambor on one of several domestic carriers or by charter. From Tambor, a bus or taxi can bring you to Mal Pais.

Blue Jay Restaurant        

Our Blue Jay Restaurant has some of the finest Costa Rican and International food in the area. We provide an elegant atmosphere with a menu you wish you had at home.

Mal Pais        

Mal Pais is a lush location situated between the sea and the jungle. Wild and impetuous, it will surprise you with its population of young and happy free spirits, in respectful harmony with the surroundings. Roaring waves break on its golden sandy beaches, considered to be among the best in the world for surfing ... Dare to master them.


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