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Blue Monkey


We at Blue Monkey Herbal Company are dedicated to producing aromatherapeutic natural body care products with pure essential oils, herbs and other plant products. We are an environmentally conscious company, raising awareness of rainforest destruction and other environmental problems. Our products include body lotions and oils, massage products, baby care products, hand creams, lip balms and bath products.

Profile and Credentials        

Monica Naples, owner/founder of Blue Monkey Herbal Company, is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, with a B. A. in Botany. She has special interest in medicinal plants from the tropics and environmental conservation. She is now living and studying environmental science in the Netherlands. Monica's knowledge of aromatherapy is self-taught and practiced.

Philosophy and Comments        

Monica started Blue Monkey Herbal Co. in 1997 on the basis of rainforest preservation and her love for plants and how people use them. Having once read an article about how the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforests use plants for medicine and about deforestation of these same forests, she immediately felt it was her duty to do something about it.
So, she joined the Rainforest Action Network and their efforts to combat the companies that are responsible for the destruction of these precious ecosystems. Later, she started a grassroots organization of the Rainforest Action Network in Austin, educating the public on the problem of tropical deforestation. She then decided to educate people in another way, as well as raise money for the Rainforest Action Network: through the formation of Blue Monkey. She not only could create wonderful and natural products, but also products with a sincere cause behind them.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Although we do not have our own store which you can visit, we do have a web based store, retail and wholesale, that you can visit without leaving your home. Our products are also available in stores in the Austin area. Please refer to our website for further details.





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