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Armand Martire Diaz



Brooklyn, LI, Manhattan, NY 11215
United States
T: 917-216-1541




Blue Moon Astrology


Blue Moon Astrology is about a professional, client-centered, and empowering approach to astrology. An opportunity to explore relationships, career, and creativity with an astrological perspective. Whether in the midst of stressful times, in the doldrums, or looking for new opportunities for growth, astrology can help by lifting us "above" our ordinary way of looking at ourselves and our lives. It's a wonderful stress-reliever to see current issues in the perspective of larger life patterns.

Profile and Credentials        

Armand Martire Diaz, MA, CA, is certified as a consulting astrologer by NCGR, the national association of astrologers. He has studied and practiced divination for over twenty years. In addition to consulting, he has published in NCGR's Geocosmic Journal and the the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

Philosophy and Comments        

Astrology assumes that there is a relationship between the physical world and the "meaningful world" - the world of our feelings, thoughts, emotions and sensations. The cycles of the planets and stars, and their relationships to each other, are a key to what is going on in this world of meaning. An astrological reading is not about "fate" or predestined outcome. It is about understanding the potential in the natal chart, and the progressions and transits to the natal chart, which help the client to make the best decision for the present time.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Consultations are always scheduled in advance. Readings are available in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in Great Neck, Long Island, and in midtown Manhattan. Phone and internet readings are also available. Fees are dependent on the service (natal chart reading, relationship reading with two charts, etc) , and are available on request or at the Blue Moon Astrology website, www.bluemoonastrology.info





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