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Bob Flaws



Boulder, CO 80301
United States
T: 800-487-9296
F: 303-245-8362




Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc.


Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc. is made up of three divisions.

Blue Poppy Press publishes and sells books and other materials on acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Blue Poppy Seminars runs live and Distance Learning continuing education programs for licensed health care practitioners in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Blue Poppy Herbs manufactures and markets a line of "by perscription only" Chinese herbal supplements to licensed health care practitioners.

Profile and Credentials        

Bob Flaws, our editor-in-chief and herbal product formulator, has 25 years of experience practicing Chinese medicine.

Philosophy and Comments        

Blue Poppy is committed to creating the highest quality herbal, clinical, and educational products for practitioners of Chinese medicine. That has been our focus for 23 years.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

9AM to 5 PM Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Our herbal products range in price from $1 to $20, our books from $10 to $130. Educational programs vary from $35 to over $2500.





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