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George Hunter



1133 Broadway, suite 1020, NYC
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
United States


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George Hunter


Raised in the Mohawk healing traditions of my father's people, I offer an authentic experience of healing. Combining Sound Healing, Native Chanting, Energy Work, and Intuitive guidance, I help people to embrace their power, voice, and physical health. I am the Founder of the BlueStone Institute for Healing Arts where we offer a 2 year Certificate Program for healers, blending both ancient and modern approaches to healing. As a singer and artist, I combine glasswork with Native Chanting for transcendent experiences and spontaneous ceremonies. Clients seek my help for emotional clearing, chronic pains and conditions, finding a sense of purpose, manifesting healthy relationships, intuitive guidance, and for embracing their innate gifts.

Profile and Credentials        

Trainings and Credentials

-Founder of BlueStone Institute for Healing Arts

-7 Year Apprenticeship with Carol Abramowitz, who is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

-3 Year Certifcate in Energetic Healing and Intuitive Development from Fire and Wind Healing Institute

-B.S. Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University

-Apprenticeship under my Uncle Rich Wentz who studied under Seneca elder Myrtle Peterson

-Studied healing with the Ye'kuana people in the Amazon Rainforest

-Research Associate at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center studying Integrative Medicine

-Research Associate at Stonybrook Complimentary Alternative Medicine Center

-Native Singer who has sung throughout the United States and Canada

Philosophy and Comments        

Healing is where body and spirit meet. Our bodies are a map of our lives and our spirit is expressed through the body. By working with chronic conditions, blocks, and longings, we make space for our true self to emerge. Feeling connected to community and having a sense of purpose are essential to our well being. I see diseases as learning experiences and potential for growth.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        



Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Fee $125

Valley Cottage:

Flex Schedule

Fee $125

Los Angeles:

1-2 Week visits for sessions every 3 months

Fee $140

Distance sessions:

Flex Schedule

Fee $125

Discounts for committed monthly sessions.

BlueStone Institute for Healing Arts        

We offer a 2 Year Certificate Program in Energetic Healing desigend for those who wish to work as a healer and for those looking to accelerate their own personal healing. For more information:





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