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Boel Stoddard



PO Box 3273
Wilsonville, OR 97070
United States
T: 1-888-551-6982


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Certified Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics.

Cosmetics without chemicals or harmful ingredients.

Also offering: Aqua Chi Machine - Water Energy System - Foot Bath and Spa! Energy for the body! Detoxify with Far Infrared Sauna and Far infrared Vita-Mat. Digestive Enzymes, Essential Oils, Herbs from the Amazon.

Profile and Credentials        

If you have an interest in building a business with Certified Organic Personal Care and Cosmetics, please contact me for more information.

One Group offers a unique opportunity, blending the best of MLM and Retail, so that everyone can pursue the business in the manner they are most comfortable with.

Philosophy and Comments        

Like me, you may have been searching a long time for cosmetics that do not contain any chemicals or harmful ingredients.

In MiEssence, you will find absolute purity. Not only are the products made with pure, natural, food-grade products - they are certified organic as well, and contain absolutely no chemicals.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Online store open all hours.

Call for more information at: 1-888-551-6982





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