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Marlane Miller



15851 Dallas Pkwy
Addison, TX 75001
United States
T: 972-490-9878
F: 972-490-9878


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Marlane Miller


BrainStyles teaches how to apply hardwired gifts WITHOUT changing self or others to reach personal and professional mastery. Certification available to qualified applicants .

Profile and Credentials        

Marlane Miller has been in the human development field since 1965 and graduation from UCLA. Groundbreaking decades of research on the brain, genetics and personality melded with study of A Course In Miracles to create a breakthrough in creating a path to personal mastery for individuals, partnerships and teams. Her book, BrainStyles, has been published by Simon & Schuster and is in translation in 5 languages and taught in a 6th. She licenses others globally to teach and coach her work.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe it is your sacred mission to honor your gifts, respect your limitations and do the same for others. Doing so creates a lifestyle that applies forgiveness, erases conflicts, and creates loving relationships and productive ventures at home and work. It only takes one to heal a relationship when using this approach. Giving up trying to change yourself or anyone else will release the energy to realize the magnificence that is already within you and others.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

A network of personal coaches and instructors are available nationwide, as well as in Mexico, Europe, and China. Each has hours and schedule tailored to client needs.





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