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Carol Gurney



3701 North Cornel Road
Agoura, CA 91301
United States
T: 818-597-1154
F: 818-991-1081


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Carol Gurney, Animal Communicator/Author


The foundation of Carol Gurney’s practice is her HeartTalk ProgramSM. Carol draws upon fifteen years of successful communication with animals. She offers animal lovers what they’ve always longed for: a simple, effective method for “listening to” and communicating with animals. This innovative method of communicating with animals has been taught by Carol Gurney to more than 10,000 people all over the country. She offers her National Two-Day program, and her comprehensive three-part training program among others. The program is centered on the basic principle that the human/animal spiritual connection is a powerful one. Carol’s book, The Language of Animals, is the first of its kind—a teaching book based on Carol’s HeartTalk ProgramSM. Carols offers video and audio tapes of her works.

Profile and Credentials        

Carol Gurney is one of the foremost Animal Communicators in the world. She has been working with animals and teaching people to communicate heart-to-heart since 1986. Carol’s services are sought out by veterinarians, animal trainers, racetracks, therapists, celebrities and lay people who wish to solve problems and improve relationships with their animals. Well known to the media, Carol frequently appears on national television, local and national radio, and in the print media worldwide; she is also a renowned lecturer. Carol specializes in emotional and behavioral problems, lost animals, bodywork for animals, and assists in understanding the process and preparation essential to accepting and grieving the death of our animal friends.

Philosophy and Comments        

Carol's philosophy is that we all have the ability to communicate with animals. We have to learn to trust our intuition, and open our hearts to our animal friends.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Workshops are two-days. They are held from 10Am to 5PM during those two-days. The fee is: Two-Day: $275 if received 30 days in advance, $300 thereafter. One-Day: $140 if received 30 days in advance, $150 thereafter. Comprehensive program and all other programs are on the website.





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