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Carolyn McDonald, M.A., ATR



Surprise, Arizona
Surprise, AZ 85374
United States
T: 623-876-1790


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Chrysalis Personal Development


The arts are therapeutic, in and of themselves....used as a vehicle for communication of thoughts, feelings and for the purpose of developing insight and resolving emotional conflicts. Art in this way is process-oriented...the product and technical ability to make art are less important than the experience of making art. Our lives gain meaning through the creative experience. The arts used for personal growth experience at Chrysalis Personal Development is open to individuals, couples, groups, workshops. Please subscribe to my newsletter on the Phoenix Healer pages with The By Region Network. ....first issue out now.
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Profile and Credentials        

Registered Arts Therapist with over 20 years experience working with all ages. While I no longer work specifically as a professional art therapist, I do continue to use art (for myself and with others)as a way to express thoughts and feelings. I work with individuals, groups, couples providing art experiences. I also also teach art privately and now at a Charter Junior High School (Skyline Junior High in Peoria, Arizona.) Workshops and seminars are available.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe that we are all artists...that we all yearn to balance the stress in our lives with the creative experience. I believe that deep inside each of us there is "a place that knows"...my goal is to provide you with the space and tools to connect once again with that place within you. Be sure to check my events and request my newsletter.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Group fees start at $25/person/session. Individual art classes are also available at $25/session.





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