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Casey Samuel



P.O. Box 408
Dumont, CO 80436
United States
T: 303-567-2330


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Fun & Healthy Lifestyles


Yoga classes, meditiation, reiki, weekend retreats, health and fitness, wellness coaching, mind body spirit classes, helping you find balance in your life. Namaste

Profile and Credentials        

BA in Exercise Physiology, Minor in Health and Wellnesss from California State University, Chico , I have12 year of experience and education in the heatlh and fitness industry. I have helped many people loss weight, get in shape and create a healthy lifestyle that last a lifetime.

Philosophy and Comments        

My question to you is.... What are you willing to do to change your life? Are you willing to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions? I invite you to be your best. Find out what your made of and go for your dreams.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Hours are by appointment, please call to schedule and for rates.





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