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N. Illinois & S. Wisconsin & N. Michigan
Empire MI./ Lake Geneva W, MI 49630
United States
T: 815 260 3697

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Energeticwellbeing body mind spirit ongoing Qi Gong workshops, private sessions by apt; suggested donations. Quantum Touch teacher/practitioner /Reiki master certified Qi Gong Ti Chi/Meditation,Cranial Sacral,Reflexology,Breathwork,Native American& Ancient Teachings, Crystals, Essential Oils Intuitive Source GUIDED Loving Intent. Ongoing workshops; inquire about hosting a workshop at your location!!!!!! Practitioner of many modalities to assist others helping themselves to a whole healthfull Energeticwellbeing. Please see www.quantumtouch.com for great data & standard costs then check state of WI. for year round dates & more details.

Profile and Credentials        

Hi, Many call me Hoover after 3 years or 3 min. & I have had many gifted names bestowed. Years ago a pathway was set before me which continues to nurture my life. Ti Chi practice started a journey which now includes: Reiki Master - Quantum Touch Practitioner/Teacher - Certified Ti Chi - Ti Chi Ruler - Qi Gong - Meditation. These and countless other modalities in combination equate to Energeticwellbeing. Thru Gracefilled Loving Intent may I be of Service to You.

Philosophy and Comments        

Inner Energeticwellbeing is within all to achieve. It's almost to remember our whole health and youthfull essence. By following basic flowing grace-filled practice one is able to enjoy our lives to the fullest.As I have been helped to overcome concerns of mind,body,spirit it is my desire to empower others to do the same. Thus Energeticwellbeing was developed to reconnect w/the essence of whole health. By knowing your Own Inner Energeticwellbeing thru gentle simplistic gracefilled methods that Equate to Whole Health Wellness is my Hearts desire.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Individual sessions are by appointment; fees are on a suggested donation basis of $75 per hr/ 2 hrs $120.Classes, workshops, and retreats to be held at a sacred space near or on beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.Also workshops/ retreats near Empire MI. Near Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Park. Willing to travel for you to Host and be gifted a $ % (usually 15%} of workshops/classes. Or consider developing your own customized Energeticwellbeing Retreat @ your location or vacation destination.





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