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Rev. Sherry Sherry



481 Carlisle Drive Suite A
Herndon, VA 20170
United States


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Community Chapel Wholistic Healing


CCWH, Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing. Founded in 1977 by Rev. Michelle Lusson has weekly chapel services in Herndon,Va, also offers, Channeled Readings, Pastoral Counseling, Workshops, Healing Services, Classes, Light Fairs, Pot luck dinners, charity work, travel, and other opportunities for spiritual growth. Visit our website at WWW.CCWH.COM to learn more about us and our community.

Profile and Credentials        

CCWH, Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing. Founded in 1977 by Rev. Michelle Lusson. Pastor is Rev. Sherry Sherry, a Minister of Metaphysics since 1991.
A 501 C 3 Non Profit Organization.

Philosophy and Comments        

Bringing Lightworkers together to Heal the World

Mission Statement of CCWH
_ _
“The Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing
is a nondenominational Metaphysical Church
that welcomes persons of all faiths and beliefs.

CCWH offers individuals expanded
spiritual growth and development,
without dogma or prejudice.
CCWH is for those who desire Balance,
Peace, Healing, and Harmony
in Themselves and the World.”

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Chapel Services every Friday Night in Herndon.
Workshops, classes, healing seminars and
healing sessions held weekly. See our calendar
on our website for class schedules, and healing
events at WWW.CCWH.com.
Channeled readings with Rev. Sherry Sherry are
available in our office by Appointment only.





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