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Welcome to Psychic Visions Network. Here you will find a place of tranquility, peace and warmth and where you will experience the true meaning of the word "Psychic" . My name is Celestialayida and I am here to help you in  your quest for true happiness and self-fulfillment. 

Profile and Credentials        

Celestialayida’s work is devoted to the individual bringing deeper awareness by cutting through common perceptions and as well their misconceptions. She allows her clients to step out and beyond the limited reality that we all perceive ourselves to be in. Her amazing abilities bring a new meaning to the term "psychic.". Nationally and Internationally renown, Celestialayida has over 30 years experience in the parapsychology field. Blessed by God with her inherited abilities, she comes from a long psychic lineage. In 1983, Celestialayida moved From Haiti to the United States of America. She currently resides and practices in a beautiful and peaceful rural region in the U.S.  Celestialayida is a gifted Medium and intuitive counselor and teacher. For over thirty years, she has been practicing, teaching, and continually enhancing her intuitive abilities. Thousands of people have benefited from her private counseling, and from that private counseling practice, Celestialayida developed her own techniques to help others. Her insights include specific knowledge of metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, parapsychology and science not taught by the conventional educational systems or traditional religions. This profound wisdom, carefully preserved by mystery schools for centuries, is transmitted today through the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, to every sincere person with an open mind and a positive motive. Along the way, she immersed herself in the esoteric arts, cross-cultural wisdom, deep ethical and spiritual disciplines. Celestialayida realizes that most people don't have a good understanding of what a genuine psychic is or what they do. She emphasizes that people should not confuse her work with that of "readers," or those who can be found on the various "Psychic Hot Lines," or now the "Internet Psychics." As a clairvoyant, one who sees clearly, Celestialayida work without mediums such as cards, crystal balls, etc. She is a fourth generation clairvoyant Psychic Counselor, a Healer, an Astrologer a Numerologist, and genuine psychic who works with ESP, her Angels and Spiritual Guides, needing only a vibration to tune into, such as a name, a voice, a photograph, or a piece of handwriting. She is in a class all of her own beyond New Age and other concepts. Celestialayida have been called a therapist, a healer, a consultant, a medium, and a world-class psychic. Whatever the terminology, as a Spiritual and Psychological Counselor, she works with and without the use of hypnosis and delves into the realms of Rebirthing (a powerful experience which releases past emotional blocks, pains, traumas, fears and angers), Regression (present and past life therapy), Progression (forward time and life experience), and Digression (parallel realities). Furthermore, Celestialayida is a visionary artist and creator of complex portraits, which are "Portraits of the Soul". Celestialayida explains that a “ Soul Portrait” is a gift from your soul to you and brings into the picture whatever it wants you to see and know about. It focuses mainly upon the artistic and symbolic representation of your soul as well as some of your soul's journey and favorite symbols. It conveys information about the outstanding qualities of your soul relevant to this lifetime as well as presenting insight into the various challenges and dreams that you are here to explore and manifest. As is true of all of Celestialayida’s artwork, the intention of the Soul Portrait is to bring you, the individual who commissioned it, into stronger and clearer attunement with your inner Being, your Soul, and your Higher Self. The vibration of the picture as it hangs in your physical space, will magnify your sacred uniqueness and divine consciousness into your awareness in such a way that you begin to merge more consciously and deliberately with it. If you invite it to, it can become a great source of inspiration and an endless fountain of teaching and enlightenment for you. Celestialayida's formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychotherapy and Art Therapy, Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Karuna Reiki® Master. Along with the above impressive credentials, she is a multifaceted and very talented lady. Celestialayida is a nationally acclaimed artist and photographer. Her paintings have been exhibited in many galleries throughout the Americas and Europe.  

Philosophy and Comments        

We are here to help you in your quest for wisdom and understanding on your life path. Our readers and healers dedicate their time to guide and encourage you Toward a deeper connection to your highest self Readings are meant to bless with Understanding, and are not intended to provide Psychological, medical, or legal advice in Any way. We cannot read medical or legal questions. We can show you how to understand and connect to Your Personal Guides, Angels and your Universe.

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